Is Memory Foam Dog Bed Confusion Making You Howl?

Four common memory foam dog bed questions answered. Including why your pooch needs an orthopedic dog bed. And how to choose the best style and quality on your budget.

Can spending more for a memory foam dog bed actually save you money?
If your dog had the charge card and the job, just guess who'd be sleeping on the memory foam bed instead of the floor?

Is this a memory foam dog bed? You woke me to ask me that?                                      This photo was supplied under creative commons license by Spigoo on Click here to find the original and many more photos by Spigoo. Your pup's not stupid. He knows that a good night's sleep on an orthopedic dog bed that provides support without painful pressure points can boost any pooch's energy and general health. And that could lead to fewer expensive vet bills in the future and a longer, happier life for your dog.

50% of large breed dogs have hip dysplasia. Most do not show any symptoms until their middle years. But don't wait until your dog starts limping. Sleeping on an orthopedic memory foam dog bed supports the joints and ensures good circulation while they're sleeping. It can prolong joint health in larger dogs such as Great Danes, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and many other breeds.

Memory foam dog beds are not just for big dogs. Vets will tell you that older canines will especially benefit from visco elastic foam senior dog beds. Like people, dogs and other pets get arthritis and other diseases of aging. A good night's sleep promotes healing and a reduction in pain in both man and mutt.

What to look for in a quality memory foam dog bed?
You want a bed that's constructed more like a human memory foam mattress with about 2"-3" solid memory foam over a firmer foam core. You don't want the NASA memory foam to squish right down to the floor or platform. A quality Memory foam orthopedic dog bed is expensive, but it will provide your pooch with the same health benefits that you enjoy on your memory foam mattress.

Expect to spend between $50 and $400 for a good quality bed depending on the size of your dog. Typically shredded memory foam pillow styles are cheaper than solid layer foam.

Advertisers for cheap dog beds sometimes boast that they use 100% shredded memory foam. You don't want that. It tends to clump together. Besides they've probably used inferior foam. If your budget can only handle the cost of a pillow style bed stuffed with foam pieces, make sure that it's mixed in with some hi loft fiberfill also. It's more likely to stay fluffy for your puppy.

No exposed piping, trims, buttons, zippers or tags. The less there is for your pup to grab with their teeth, the longer the bed will last.

How to choose the best style and size memory foam dog bed for your pet?
Memory foam and dog beds come in many different styles; rounds, pillows, donuts, nesting types with bolstered sides and rectangular ones. You can even have a custom foam dog bed made.

So what shape is best for your dog?

Watch your dog's preferred sleeping position. If they sleep on their side all stretched out, then you'll definitely want a rectangular dog bed. To find the correct size, measure how tall and how long they are (from tip of nose to base of the tail plus 5 inches) and there's your rectangle.

If they sleep curled up or end up sleeping on the couch against the padded sides, then go for a round, bolstered, or nesting model. To find the correct size, measure their body length from the base of their tail to the nose tip and add 5 to 7 inches.

Which are the best memory foam dog beds?
memory foam dog bed A good choice for a quality rectangular style is Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed for Large Dog Rated 4.7 out of 5. With 84% of buyers giving it the highest possible score.

This very popular memory foam dog bed is made of a solid 4 inches of quality memory foam. It's the same stuff that's put in people beds. And provides the same comfort for your dog's joints as it does for yours.

The best feature, aside from its deep cushy comfort is the two covers. The inner one is a zippered liner with a breathable bottom below the zipper and a waterproof top above. There's another denim washable zipper cover that goes on top. The denim is durable and rugged without being harsh on your puppy's skin. It comes in 3 sizes for small, medium and large dogs. One reviewer even said that her Bull Mastiff loved it. And that's about as big a dog as you can get.

Check the link for the Extra Large 40"X35"X4" Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed for Large Dogs on sale at 50% off.

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A good memory foam dog bed - round has a wide variety of styles of memory foam orthopedic dog beds. is a division of which also makes memory foam mattresses for people. The dog beds are constructed like their people beds with two layers of solid memory foam for maximum support. They will also make custom beds for your pooch. Prices range from $85 to $300.

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memory foam dog bed, has quality shredded memory foam pillow style beds that have received good reviews. The foam beds contain a mixture of shredded memory foam with high loft fiberfill so they are much less likely to clump up. These also have the double zippered covers. The inner cover has waterproofed fabric on the top and breathable fabric below. This keeps the bed from accumulating moisture and getting all stinky and moldy. The heavy denim covers zips on top of the inner lining. Let your dog slobber all over it. It washes easily so it can always smell fresh.

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So now that you know more about memory foam dog beds you can stop howling and start buying. Your dog will appreciate his new foam dog bed and you'll have a healthier, happier, friskier buddy for a longer time.


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