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Apr 14, 2015

Mattress Buying Guide for the Best Memory Foam Bed

FREE mattress buying guide shows you how to buy the best memory foam mattress without worrying about high mattress prices, cheap mattresses or scary salesmen

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Jul 28, 2011

Sonic Boom SBH400ss Sweetheart Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock

This Alarm Clock is for anyone who has a problem waking up in the morning. It has an Extra loud audio alarm, loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control. Battery backup maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure. It features their most powerful 12-volt bed shaker, a Pulsating flashing alert lights, a Hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night.

Jul 20, 2011

Sleep Innovations Reviews - Cheap Good Sleep!

Sleep Innovations Reviews - Check out these 3 quickie reviews. Cheap sleep doesn't have to be bad sleep!

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Jul 10, 2011

Help a Soldier Sleep Better

soldier, care packageSend $25 or more to a deployed soldier in harm's way through Its a great way to support our troops for those of us who have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it. Bonus: you'll sleep better tonight. Guaranteed.

Jul 09, 2011

Need a Glass of Water In Bed?

memory foam mattress, water, glassA great solution for when you wake up thirsty.

But operating that hand pump at 3am is not going to work for me at all.

What I need is a faucet that comes right out of the wall. With a spigot that has a fiber optic light so that I can see where I'm pouring.

Maybe the bedroom faucet could also double as a night light?

I found this photo at Love You Big

Apr 17, 2011

Sleep like a baby? I'd rather sleep like a cat!

sleeping cat, keyboardWhy is the expression for sleeping peacefully "sleep like a baby"?

Anyone who's had kids knows that they can be colic-y and downright cranky when it comes to bedtime.

Have you ever heard of a cat that acted that way? Cats fall asleep anytime, anywhere. My cats love my memory foam topper, but they will also sleep with their heads hanging off a shelf, almost upside down!

..or on a keyboard like my Brandy.

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