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Queen bed frame reviews and information. 3 quality queen size bed dimensions frames that are strong, stylish and cheap!

You'd think that good deals on queen bed frames are hard to find. And you'd be right. All too often inexpensive also means cheap construction. But these three discount frames are very popular and highly rated by buyers.

First, how big does a queen frame need to be?

The frame needs to be large enough to support a standard queen mattress. In the US that is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long (154 x 203 cm). But in the UK that same size is called a 'king'. A US king size bed frame is significantly larger. If you're at all confused about which bed size is for you check out international mattress sizes at queen size bed dimensions and our mattress size charts.

Best Rated Queen Bed Frame Deals

The Maniac has seen frequent FREE shipping offers on these queen frame units. So when you click on the links, make sure to read carefully or you might miss one!

queen bed frame
Queen Size Quad-Fold Folding Bed Frame - Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with more than 70% of buyers giving this queen frame the highest rating. You don't need a box spring with this metal bed frame. It's great for memory foam, inner spring, latex and air mattresses.

It is high enough so that you have lots of storage room underneath.

It's sturdy. There are plenty of legs and a center support. Don't worry about the dog or kids jumping on the bed in the morning. It can hold up to 1200 pounds.

But the coolest thing about this 80"W x 60"D x 14"H standard queen bed frame is not how inexpensive it is, nor how much weight it can handle. Nope, it's that this queen frame folds into a very small package that's not much bigger than 2 fluffy queen size pillows placed on top of each other. Bed frame origami! Click the link to check out the picture of it folded up. Amazing.

queen bed frame
Mission Style Platform Bed Frame - Clean, Unfinished, Chemical Free Pine - Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. An impressive 75% of buyers give this queen frame the best rating possible. The photo shows the queen frame with optional roll away drawers.

You can use a variety of mattress types on this bed frame; inner spring, air bed, latex and memory foam beds will all work fine. Screw a piece of plywood on top of the slats if you have a latex or memory foam bed. That way you won't void the mattress warranty. If you choose an inner spring mattress you can save even more by not buying a box spring foundation. You won't need it.

The best thing about this queen frame is what it is not.

It's not all glopped up with chemical finishes. It is plain pine, perfect for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

It's not hard to put together. And you won't have to run all over your place collecting tools. The assembly tool comes with the frame. Remember to hold onto it in case some of the screws come loose over time. Tape it to back of one of the legs so you don't lose it.

It will not clash with your bedroom decor. Paint this queen frame or stain it with the colors and finishes of your choice. Or ask for the optional hand rubbed Danish Oil or Golden Oak stains for an extra cost.

If you put the long side of the bed up against the wall you can still put 4 roll-away drawers underneath this frame. Just use a bracket or screws to connect two drawers together in tandem style. When you pull one drawer, the drawer against the wall comes with it!

queen bed frame
Prepac Manhattan Queen Platform Storage Bed, Espresso Color - Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars. This stylish queen platform storage bed with 6 large pull out drawers in the base costs half of what you'd expect to pay for such a good looking piece. This queen frame is boxed unassembled IKEA style.

But the Maniac almost didn't include this queen bed frame on this website. There were a significant number of complaints about this queen frame being a bit squeaky and wobbly. However, one buyer posted a 5 step set of instructions for making it "solid as a rock" using about $25 worth of parts from the hardware store, a drill...and a six pack. If you can figure out which end of a screw goes into the wood, queen frame can be a great deal for you.

So there you have it. Three highly rated queen bed frame units that are real bargains. But just in case you want to save even more money here's

A Queen Size Bed Frame Under $100?

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