The Maniac's Adjustable Memory Foam Bed Buyers Guide

Here's my easy adjustable memory foam bed guide.  What do they cost? Should you get a split, motorized, remote, massaging, S-shape or programmable one? Read this to avoid paying too much for sleeping in luxury. I've even included a couple of my favorite picks below. 

Bed frames that tilt and move aren't just for sick people anymore. The comfort of memory foam plus the positional options of an adjustable base is the ultimate in luxurious sleeping. Some of the split adaptable beds even have built in massage functions, making them even more amazing to sleep on. And there are many brands, from Tempurpedic to smaller online retailers.

Your Adjustable memory foam bed doesn't have to split you up

You love your partner, but their sleeping habits are...different. They've got to keep their head elevated for medical reasons. Or they've got sinus problems that are aggrevated by sleeping level. Or they just like reading in bed. Don't kick them out to the living room sofa (unless they're sleeping like a that case you've got bigger problems than we can address here). Get a split bed base for your mattresses instead.

These beds are a good idea for sleeping partners who prefer different levels of firmness and support. Half the bed can be made to one firmness level, and the other half is made to another firmness level. With the split adjustable bed, the two halves of the mattress can move independently and the outside edge of the entire bed has a memory foam rail system. There isn't, however, an edge support rail running down the bed between the halves.

If you need separate mattresses, don't order a "split firmness" bed. Both haves are bonded together and the whole thing is wrapped in one fabric casing. They will move together.

How much does an adjustable memory foam bed cost?

The two halves of the mattress typically cost around $400 apiece and up depending on how thick the visco material is, and what memory foam density it is. The entire adjustable memory foam bed, including the frame will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 when it's all added together. If you choose one of the latex memory foam mattresses the cost will be a bit more. And don't forget your memory foam contour pillow!

Most of the adjustable bed frames on the market are made by a single company, Leggett and Platt. If you go to their website you'll see that they have at least 11 different models that are sold through mattress dealers and furniture stores. Pick and choose from available options:

  • AC or DC electric motors
  • Safety feature allows head and foot sections to lower by gravity only
  • Wired or wireless remotes
  • Locator feature so you can find a missing remote
  • Programmable remotes that remember your favorite positions
  • Pillow, head and foot vs just head and foot adjustments
  • Massaging and wake-up massaging alarm with audio option
  • Turn your iPod Touch, iPhone or Android into a remote that controls your bed
  • Wall-Hugger tech to allow it to snug up against a wall - takes up less room

...and my husband's favorite! An anti-snore feature allows you to re position your sleeping partner instead of having to nudge them awake!

Pros and cons of Adjustable Memory foam beds

PROS: The advantages of adjustable memory foam beds are pretty clear: customized firmness for both sleeping partners. Each can get the level of firmness they prefer. This is a great arrangement if one partner has a health and sleep  condition like arthritis, GERD, or back pain and requires a different type of mattress to sleep comfortably.

With a split bed base, there's no motion transfer, so a partner's tossing and turning won't ruin the other sleeper's rest. Electric adjustable single beds are also available for those who don't need to sleep two.

CONS: A higher price tag is probably the biggest disadvantage of a split positionable bed. Motors, electronics and app programming will add to the price relative to a fixed bed frame.

Also, they may take up more room than a regular, non-adjustable bed. Some need to be situated away from a wall in order to go through the full range of positions. Look for variations on the phrase "Wallhugger Engineering" if space is an issue.

The frames of some adjustable beds are quite heavy, too. Motors and additional upholstery aren't lightweight items. Moving and setting them up is definitely a two person job!

It is important that before you take delivery of one of these sleep systems, you find out exactly what's involved if it should need to be repaired. Make sure you understand what's covered under the warranty and what isn't.

before you buy an adjustable base bed frame

Check out online adjustable beds reviews on Amazon. You're likely to hear the worst about a bed more than the best. But don't neglect this bit of research.

Why Amazon? Because it's the one of the largest mattress retailers on the planet and LOTS of people buy through them and leave reviews there. And that company doesn't manufacture or sell its own mattresses, so they aren't biased. All they care about is making it easy for you to find a good mattress on buyers' recommendations.

Although company shills can put in phony recommendations there, they can't do it too many times without it being obvious. You KNOW when you see the same person leaving different reviews or company 'coached' reviews. The same stilted phrases keep popping up. To keep this type of biased review from influencing you, look at models with more than 25 reviews.

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