3 Best Mattresses Under $300
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Want the best mattresses under $300 in memory foam? Do buyers rate Best Price and Lucid beds as worth the money or just cheap Tempurpedic rip-offs?

All of the beds in the article below cost less than $299.99, But just in case you can spend just a bit more, check the menu on the left for some great options in other price ranges.

Best Mattresses Under 300 Dollars

Way back in 2009 I would have said that memory foam problems were too common in beds under $300 to make a purchase worthwhile. No more!

lucid 8
LUCID by LinenSpa 8"
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
60% of buyers gave it the highest score possible.

Do you like firm beds? Michelle finds that soft mattresses make her ache. But she also hates waking up with her arms tingling from sleeping on a too hard surface. She bought the Lucid 8 inch and put off posting any comments for months until she could say for sure that she loved it.

What Michelle likes about the Lucid 8 inch memory foam mattress will make for some high quality dream time for you if you also like a firm bed. It has two inches of three pound density cushy top on a 6 inch high density foam base. The Lucid 10" has 2.5". If you're a bit older or heavier, and sleep on your side you might be happier with the 10 inch one below.

Do you have kids? The Maniac stopped counting buyers who said that their kids loved the feel of this bed. Moms like it too because it's light enough for most kids to easily move it to change the sheets, even in bunk beds. Never too early to get them started with good habits, right?

Are you a soldier being deployed overseas? Or do you know one? You've heard how bad the beds are, right? Several soldiers stationed in Afghanistan say that this bed was a must have item that made a real positive difference in their lives. Lucid Spa is one of the few mattress companies that will ship to an APO/AE address in the Middle East or elsewhere.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Less than half the cost of Tempur-Pedic
  • Great for guest rooms, trundle beds and dorms
  • Noticeable 'new mattress' smell. Goes away in 2-3 days
  • 20 year warranty - gives peace of mind buying online

These best mattresses are often on sale, you can check current prices at the link above.

lucid 10
LUCID by LinenSpa 10" Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.2 out of 5 It earned the highest rating from more than 62% of buyers.

Back Injured or Pregnant? Try sleeping with both at the same time! Libby injured her back and then found out she was pregnant. She couldn't remember the last time she'd woken up rested and feeling wonderful ...except the night after she slept on this bed for the first time.

She's not alone in loving Lucid 10 inch memory foam mattresses. This bed has more than 750 reviews. It's been tested for years and the percentage of buyers that love it is extremely high.

It's a firm bed Most reviewers say that the Lucid 10" is a very supportive memory foam mattress (but not as hard as the 8 inch model). It has 2.5 inches of 3 pound density foam in the top comfort layer. If you like a softer bed, or you're larger framed you may find that you'd be more comfortable with the Best Price 8 inch choice.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Price - Almost too cheap if on sale.
  • Zip off removable, washable velour cover
  • 20 year warranty
  • The 'new mattress' smell (if any) dissipates within a couple of days

Two Questions To Help You Decide Which Lucid Memory Foam Mattress to Buy

Both have a 20+ year warranty and do not hug the heat, both have a lot of positive reviews. They also both have the nifty washable, zippered cover. So your decision depends on your priorities.

Are you counting every penny in your budget? The eight inch model usually costs between $25 and $35 less. The 10 inch is often sale priced under $300, but sometimes not.

Are you bigger, taller or older? Get the 10. The 8 inch model is probably not for you, especially if you tend to roll onto your side. Younger, more athletic people like the skinnier mattress best.

Click the picture or the link at the beginning of the review to check for sales on these best mattresses.

best price 8
Best Price Mattress 8"
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
71% top rating- Very high percentage of happy buyers

This model is more plush than the Lucid beds. Tammy has back pain, but says lying down on most memory foam feels like she's resting on a stone slab. She loves the soft feel of her Best Price 8 inch bed. It has 2 inches of top memory foam which contains green tea and charcoal for long term freshness. It also has an additional 2 inches of softer standard foam to provide deep down cushioning that's like a hug.

Do you have arthritis? This is a bed that you will appreciate. Even though its not as tall as some beds you might have tried, it is more cushioning. Because of the way that the bed envelops you, it might also sleep just a bit warmer than what you're used to. But the warmth is wonderful on sore joints.

Pregnant women appreciate its deep support too. Late in term when you're huge it really helps you to sleep if your bed can carry some of the weight. You might not even need a special pillow for pregnancy.

    What Buyers Say:
  • Like physical therapy for your back, while you sleep
  • Stronger latex paint odor upon opening. Usually gone within 3 days, sometimes a week.
  • Ridiculously low price for the value

A Best Buy Overall, buyers say that it's incredibly comfortable for the price. And these best mattresses are a real deal for the money you pay, especially if you can catch them on sale. Click for prices at the link at the beginning of the review.

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Best Mattresses Under 300

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