3 Best Mattresses uNDER $1000
a EASY Memory Foam Bed Guide

Find the best mattresses in the memory foam category (including Tempurpedic) with one simple question...

What's your budget?

It isn't necessary to spend $3,000 for a Tempurpedic to get a top rated sleep system. Having said that, if you can't afford at least $300 for a mattress, I think you will be happier selecting from a variety of memory foam toppers on your old inexpensive inner spring.

Best Mattresses Under 1000 Dollars

ultimate dreams 13, memory foam mattress
Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Rated a fantastic 4.4 out of 5
An incredible 71% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

The buyer ratings on the Ultimate Dreams mattress are CRAZY GOOD! Especially considering that this is NOT the cheapest mattress out there. We're talking better than chocolate good (rated 4.3). And its not as if there's no reviews. Over 174 buyers have left comments on this bed! They talk about deep uninterrupted sleep, pain free mornings, and how great a deal they think it is.

$3,699 TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Comparison This one is constructed with similar layers. TIP: Go to a Tempurpedic store and try the tempur-cloud out. Please note that the Cloud was only rated 3.5 out of 5 on its own website!. This may have something to do with the price and that the Tempur bed is so darn expensive.

Here are some differences between the Ultimate Dreams bed and the Tempurpedic Cloud:

Ultimate Dreams 13 Gel
Tempurpedic Cloud
Traps Body Heat?
Sleeps cooler
Can trap body heat
Try Out Period
90 Days
Limited Warranty
10 Years
25 Years
Nope. Get a friend to help move it. Save $2,500
    What Buyers Like About It:
  • Good for anyone with bad backs and/or a few extra pounds - says this buyer/doctor
  • Softer, plush feel with plenty of support
  • Minimal odors

TIP: Spend some of the thousands that you saved buying this bed on a nice thank you dinner for the people that helped you move it into your bedroom (its heavy), ome dark chocolate and a good bottle of wine.

Buy the Ultimate Dreams Gel Foam Mattress for up to 65% off. Be sure and look on Amazon for free shipping deals!

best mattresses, therapeutic, queen, best rated mattresses, memory foam
SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
An outstanding 4.4 out of 5 Over 65% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

Looking to fall asleep in any position? One buyer, Mr Close, only slept on his back for thirty years. Since he got the SilverRest memory foam mattress, he has been able to fall asleep on his side, and even on his stomach. He had wanted to purchase the original Tempurpedic. He found that they do not manufacturer them anymore. He also found that he could feel the heat being trapped in their new, more affordable models, for example the 8" Tempur Simplicity (which costs more than this SilverRest). He finds that his new Sleep Shop keeps him cool.

Many folks like Mr. Close enjoy sleeping on this firm and comfortable bed. They also appreciate the 120 day in home trial period , and the twenty year warranty.

There is only real drawback: Thecover is a bit flimsy. TIP: Buy a good washable bed protector that will keep your investment clean and moisture free.

    What Buyers Like About This One:
  • Sleep in any position at all...except maybe standing on your head.
  • " Great value - You get five inches of 5.3 pound density visco foam over seven inch base foam. This is very thick and dense memory foam for this price range.

Which Sleep Shop Therapeutic Bed Should You Purchase? When you compare the twelve inch and the SilverRest Luxury Grand 14-Inch beds, you will find that both have a very high approval rating. The thinner 12" model is on the best mattresses under $1000 list due to its slightly better buyer rating of 4.4 vs 4.3. In addition the price is $200 less. That difference is enough to buy a nice set of sheets or a good pillow.

TIP: Prices tend to vary. Click on the links and check the current prices.

best mattresses, novaform, queen, best rated mattresses
NovaForm Queen size Pure Comfort Deluxe

Ever been to Costco? If so this is the same one you see there. Buying it online means you don't have to break your back dragging it through those crowded parking lots and struggling to get it inside your car. Have it delivered!

The updated NovaForm by Sleep Innovations has plenty of positive buzz. I have seen it misspelled as nova foam. Even so, any way you spell it, this one is very affordable and comfortable to boot. Its specially formulated foam gives you a temperature neutral sleeping experience. This feature places the NovaForm in a position among the very best memory foam mattresses.

Dislikes: There's fewer reviews than I would like to see on the newer formulation of this bed. Those that I have found and the fact that it selling like hotcakes at Costco make it a good buy under $1,000, and a best rated mattress.

Things You Need to Know: 1) 1) Warranties; I have found that most manufacturers define a depression in a mattress as one that has sunk more than 1.5 inches. 2) All of the top mattresses listed are queen size for comparison purposes. 3) All of the above meet the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633-Federal flammability (open flame) standards. 4) You can purchase all of them right now, most with free shipping! 5) I told you this would be easy.

Best Mattresses Under 1000

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