Your Best Memory Foam Mattress Choice Starts With 5 Simple Questions

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Storming into a mattress store and yelling, "Where's your best memory foam mattress?" might get you a lot of attention, especially if you're waving a big wad of cash. But it's probably not the best way to get an honest memory foam mattress comparison. What you probably will get is a cheap mattress at a price that the salesperson will really like.

A much better way is to do your own tests to determine the best memory foam mattress for you. The whole mattress manufacturing, naming and branding system is set up to create maximum confusion and minimal comparisons between mattress retailers. This simple series of questions will make it easier for you to compare different visco foam mattresses in different stores.

Also remember, there are likely many mattresses that will work for you. Don't worry about perfection. Comfort is a very subjective feeling. It's ok if your impressions begin to blur together after you've tested a half dozen or more mattresses. Just remember to keep some notes and you won't end up with one of their cheap memory foam mattresses.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask The Salesperson to Find Your Best Memory Foam Mattress

  1. Where's the mattress with the lowest memory foam density?
  2. Where's the highest?
  3. How much of each mattress is memory foam?
  4. What material is the memory foam mattress cover made of?
  5. Does the most comfortable mattress still feel good after a 15 minute test?

  1. Where's the mattress with the lowest memory foam density? Your memory foam mattress comparison starts here. Ask where it is and try it out for about 5 minutes. Write down the density and thickness of the various layers. It should be slightly hard at first. Then you'll sink into it as your body warms the memory foam. It shouldn't just squish down. Do you like the feel of it? Does it feel like your spine is straight from your neck to your hips?
  2. Where's the highest density memory foam mattress? Repeat #1 above. You're looking for densities between 3lb and 6lb/cubic feet for maximum comfort and durability. Notice that the higher density foams take a bit longer to soften and adapt to your sleeping profile, but these will typically provide more support and last longer.
  3. If you're athletic and muscular, with a low body fat index, consider foam at the higher end of the range. Muscle weighs more than fat does. You're more dense than the norm (but you're smart enough to be reading this, eh?) and you'll need a bit more support.

  4. How much of each mattress is memory foam? The best memory foam mattress will probably have a top layer between 2.5" and 4" inches thick. Write it all down in your memory foam mattress comparison notebook.
  5. What material is the memory foam mattress cover made of? Look for a washable fabric that resists stains. The Maniac's favorite is Dupont's CoolMax®. It's a special fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. It almost completely eliminates the 'sweaty' feeling that you occasionally get with memory foam.
  6. Does the most comfortable mattress still feel good after a 15 minute test in your normal sleeping position? This is the ultimate memory foam mattress comparison technique. Take the time to test your final candidates for a full 15 minutes in your favorite sleeping position. Use a timer. It can be boring. But Consumer Reports states that people who test their final mattress choice for a full 15 minutes usually end up the most satisfied with their purchases.

Still like the mattress? Good. Write down what store you're in, the name of the mattress and the price in your notebook. Also write down how thick each memory foam layer is and the total thickness. If the salesperson does not know, ask for the spec sheet.

Now go find two more that you like. Make sure you keep good notes on memory foam density, how many layers and how thick they are, where you found the mattress and the price. These notes will be invaluable if you will be bringing your partner back and when you are negotiating for a good price on your best memory foam mattress.

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