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Looking for the best memory foam mattresses for your budget? Compare highly rated memory foam bed picks from Amazon, Overstock and Consumer Reports here. And discover some basic criteria to use to find your best foam mattress without blowing through too much cash.

First, if you are of average build and weight under 170, you'll probably be happy with a 3 inch layer of 3 lb density memory foam. If you are taller and heavier, you'll find sleeping on 4 or 5 inches of higher density visco foam mattress more comfortable.

Second, you do get what you pay for. The best memory foam mattresses use more expensive materials and are left to cure and air out for longer. They're heavier. They last longer and there are fewer odors and other memory foam mattress problems. Complaints in memory foam mattress reviews are much more common for beds priced under $499.

All of the mattresses compared here are queen size.

TEMPURPEDIC The most famous memory foam mattresses are made by Tempur-Pedic.

In October 2009, Tempur-Pedic brand shocked the bedding world by coming out on top in the Consumer Reports best rated mattress survey. Out of 17,000 subscribers, most chose Tempurpedic mattresses as their favorite and the best memory foam mattresses. And of those with sleep problems, 60% said that it made a big improvement in the quality of their sleep. A Temperpedic mattress comes with a 90 day try out period. And a limited 20 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects.

People love them. But they are expensive. The median price for a queen size mattress is $2,400+. The price range is from the $1,700 ClassicBed to the ultra-luxurious GrandBed at $6,500.

But now there's many more alternatives that can give you great sleep for a LOT less.

There almost 1000 different memory foam mattress products listed on Amazon. Two stand out because they've got plenty of great reviews and they are almost always available for purchase.

THERAPEUTIC Queen size 12" high Price under $600.

best memory foam mattresses, therapeutic

These best memory foam mattresses rate an average 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 70+ reviews on It's a 12 inch high queen size mattress with a 5 inch thick 5 lb density visco foam layer.

Many people who've never slept on a memory foam bed are won over by both the price and the superior specifications which at least on paper come close to mattresses sold for much more by Tempur-Pedic. This is one of the newer generation of mattresses made in China to much higher standards than they used to be.

  • Top layer is 5 inches of 5.3 lb density visco elastic foam - layer is thick enough for heavier sleepers.
  • Dual air flow controls night sweating feeling
  • Removable and washable 4 way zipper cover
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • 90 day in home guarantee
  • Chemical odor sometimes lingers for weeks. Definitely use fans and open windows for at least a week after unpacking this mattress
  • Initial feel can be hard
  • May take a bit longer than Tempurpedic to react and remold to your body when you roll over.
  • Weighs over 100 lbs. Get some help moving this bed or you may throw out your back!

SARAH PAYTON Price under $400.

best memory foam mattresses

This best memory foam mattresses pick has a 4 star average rating out of 5 stars in 30+ customer reviews on People are primarily attracted by the low price on this 10 inch high mattress. Twenty of the reviews are 5 stars. But of the remainder, 5 give the mattress only one star, a higher percentage dislike this mattress than the Therapeutic model discussed previously.

If you are a heavier or larger boned person you may need a thicker memory foam layer than you will get with this bed.

  • The inexpensive price!
  • Zippered, washable velour cover. Treated with Aloe Vera for extra softness.
  • 2.5 inches of 4 lb density memory foam is suitable for people of average weight and height.
  • Weighs 60 lbs. Much easier to move with just one person.
  • Pronounced chemical odor, sometimes noticeable for weeks afterwards
  • Some reports of chemical sensitive allergies being aggravated by this bed, even though it is supposed to be 'hypoallergenic'.
  • Some mattresses did not unfold completely.
  • Stiff, hard feel mentioned in some reviews.

There are more than 136 different memory foam mattresses, toppers and other products for sale on These three stand out for their value and the number of good reviews that they've garnered.

COMFORT DREAMS Priced at under $425.

best memory foam mattresses

Rated at 4.6 stars out of 5 in 650+ reviews this 11 inch high choice for one of the best memory foam mattresses meets buyers expectations at a terrific price. 93% said that they would recommend this mattress.

The NASA foam is 4 inches thick. It consists of two layers; one 2 inch layer is 4 lb density foam the other 2 inches are 3 lb. The memory foam is bonded to a 7 inch base layer of conventional urethane foam. Great for those on a budget.

  • Can be ordered in soft, medium and firm so that you can choose how it feels right when you get into bed.
  • Few complaints about odors
  • Cheap shipping and inexpensive price!
  • Once opened, the product is non-refundable!
  • Mattress tends to be very firm. If you want a softer, more cloudlike feel ask for the 'soft' version or purchase an inexpensive memory foam topper also.
  • Some reports of the bed losing its 'memory' and developing body impressions and lumps within 2 years.

BODIPEDIC Priced below $450.

best memory foam mattresses

Very popular mattress. Averages 4.6 stars out of 5 in 1,200+ reviews. 94% said that they would recommend this 10 inch high bed as a best memory foam mattresses pick. It has a 3 inch layer of 3 lb density memory foam over a 7 inch base layer.

  • Cheap shipping and high value for less money
  • 65 lbs shipping weight - can be handled by one person
  • Odors less noticeable than many other memory foam mattresses
  • Slightly firm feel, but not so that it annoys many people
  • Washable, removable cover included.
  • Once opened, the product is non-refundable!
  • Quality not consistent. Some are bad right from the start.
  • Overstock does NOT offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • If you weigh more than average, you may 'bottom out' on the base foam because only 3 lb density memory foam was used on the top layer.
  • If you've got a defective mattress it might only be apparent after several months when it starts to lose its 'memory'. May develop body dents and lumps in the first 2 years.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

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