5 Free Best Rated Mattress Resources
- Beyond Consumer Reports -

Here's the best rated mattress resources for ranking memory foam beds in addition to paid Consumer Reports best rated mattress articles. Don't pay to find the best memory foam mattresses, unless you really want to.

Mattress ratings should be a very reliable way to find the perfect mattress, but they're not. That's because the concept of 'comfort' is such a subjective thing that even bed partners often disagree on how to rate a bed. For example, if you read through the reviews of the beds listed below, you'll find many people who can't agree on ANYTHING about them.

So manufacturers produce just slightly different models for different retailers hoping to have something in their shops for everyone. It sometimes seems that there are almost as many mattress models as there are sleepers. And those same manufacturers publish their own ratings which naturally make themselves look good. All this makes comparisons difficult.

So here are 5 free websites where you can find best rated mattress information that is relatively untainted by corporate sponsorship.

Many mattress retailers sell on Amazon. You can get consumer ratings on different mattresses just by typing "mattress" or "memory foam" into the search box and then scanning towards the bottom of the linked information pages.

Amazon's 5 star rating system is easy to read and a handy chart shows you how many people gave what rating to the product.

What's the best rated memory foam mattress on Amazon right now?

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Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.6 out of 5 Over 74% of people who bought this mattress gave it their highest rating.

The 12 inch Sleep Innovations is the best rated mattress made of memory foam on Amazon for several reasons. First, buyers say that its just the right mix of firmness and softness. One of the biggest selling points is that the memory foam is specially engineered so that it doesn't sleep 'hot'.

But the thing that is most often mentioned is the great price. People cannot believe that they can sleep that well on such a low priced bed. Sleep Innovations 12 inch beds that were bought for guest rooms are often moved into the master bedroom where they replace mattresses costing three or four times as much.

Consumer Reports mattress forums
Yes, they're free. You can glean lots of good information on best rated mattresses from Consumer Reports videos and discussion boards. Click around, there's good information on many of the big brands like TempurPedic, Sealy, Novaform and others.

In October 2009, Consumer Reports released the results of a survey of 17,000 subscribers who purchased mattresses between 2005 and 2009. Tempur-Pedic was rated best of all mattresses. The report is actually worth paying for. It doesn't rank just manufacturers, but also particular retailers.

Although the information on memory foam mattress ratings is limited, they do a good job of making recommendations on what the best mattresses are for singles, couples and heavier people. They also have comparison charts and a summary of how many times particular mattresses were recommended after purchase.

best rated mattress, how to choose oneEpinions.com
A great site for getting some ratings feedback if you have picked a particular mattress from an online retailer. Some very thoughtful reviews have been posted, but you may find that no one has reviewed the mattress that you have your eye on. Also has links to eBay, Amazon and a score of other online retailers that may have additional rated feedback.

Using some of Google's specialized search features can zoom in on pages and pages of memory foam mattress reviews on discussion boards throughout the web. Just type in " +forum +post +"memory foam mattress" -site:recommend " in the search box to find hundreds of rated comments from memory foam mattress purchasers who recommend the mattress that they bought.

Ok, I couldn't resist adding a sixth site:

Yelp.com Lots of discussion threads on mattresses and memory foam mattresses in particular. The great thing about Yelp.com is that the reviews are local. You may not find your specific best rated mattress here, but you just may find where to buy it.

So you really don't need to spend money to find the best rated mattress. You just need a bit of time and patience.

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