Buying A Mattress -
7 Things You MUST Do Before
You Set Foot In A Mattress Store

Lay a good foundation for buying a mattress with these 7 time, money and sanity saving tips...Buying a mattress without doing some basic preparation is like walking into the mattress store naked and barefoot.

You'll be embarrassed. You won't have any pockets to put your money into. So you'll hand the nice mattress salesperson much more money than you need to just get out of there with some dignity.

And you'll probably end up stubbing a toe.

Buying a mattress? Here's the wrong way

Follow these 7 simple steps to keep your experience of buying a mattress from being more expensive and painful than it needs to be

  1. Set a budget to avoid mattress shopping nightmares
  2. Choose a mattress size
  3. Separate trying and buying a mattress
  4. Dress for mattress shopping success
  5. Bring these simple tools and you'll write your own mattress discounts
  6. Set aside enough time
  7. Always bring your sleep partner shopping, except...

  1. Set a budget to avoid mattress shopping nightmares. There's nothing more embarrassing than arguing over price with your partner in a mattress store. Agree on the top price both of you want to pay (or the amount you are comfortable paying monthly) BEFORE you shop and stick to it. Negotiate from a position of unity and strength.
  2. Choose a mattress size to fit you and your bedroom. This mattress size page will help you quickly choose a bed that will be spacious enough for comfort but won't crowd your bedroom. It includes the minimum floor space that you need for california king memory foam mattress, full size, memory foam futon mattresses and all the other popular sizes. There's even tips that will help you figure out how much room you'll need for a custom made mattress.
  3. If your stuff is coming in between you and a larger mattress, check out and change your space for the better.

  4. Separate trying and buying a mattress. Choose the biggest mattress store in town to test mattresses. Buy at the smaller stores where advertising, overhead, rent and administrative costs are much less.

    If there's only one or just a few mattress stores in your area, expand your search to the nearest large metropolitan city. You can do your comparison testing there and then purchase closer to home, by phone or buy your mattress online later.

  5. Dress for mattress shopping success. Wear loose, light-weight clothing. You can't test the effects of your body heat on viscoelastic foam mattresses if you're insulated like an Inuit.

    Wear slip-on shoes (and clean socks!) Remember, you're on the mattress salesperson's home ground. If you're embarrassed you might be less likely to drive a good bargain.

    Wear your watch or bring a cell phone with an alarm. You'll be conducting 15 minute sleep tests on your final selections. And you can't guarantee that a salesman in a hurry to make a sale won't shave a few minutes off your testing time.

  6. Bring along a pen and a notepad and you'll be able to write your own mattress discounts.. Salespeople are used to buyers saying that they can get a similar mattress for less money somewhere else. They aren't accustomed to dealing with buyers who've documented that fact. Even if the price is the same at the store you're at, the salesperson will usually give you a discount just to make the sale.

    Take notes on the characteristics of the mattresses that you like, their prices and location. Identical mattresses are branded with wildly different names as you move from store to store or shop online. Having the structural specifics of your favorite mattress written down will make comparison shopping possible when you're buying a mattress. Your negotiating will be stronger because you'll be speaking from truth and with conviction.

  7. Set aside enough time. The Maniac suggests that you set aside at least a couple of hours for testing and shopping for your memory foam mattress. You don't want to be distracted by worrying about missing appointments or deadlines. Shop in the afternoon, when you're a little bit tired. Eat a light lunch. You want to test mattresses, not check in for an afternoon nap.
  8. Always bring your sleep partner when testing mattresses, except... when driving a hard bargain is very important. If both you and your partner are there, you can't use the excuse that you have to bring someone else to evaluate the mattress later. So if you're the one who complaining most about your bed, you do the initial scouting and mattress testing. Find at least 3 mattresses that you could live with then bring your partner to test your final selections.

    You MUST bring your sleep partner with you to make the final choice. Accept no excuses. Tell them that they are only going to try 3 mattresses. What you find comfortable may be totally unacceptable to them. And you don't want to hear about how lousy your mattress is for the next decade, do you?

Mattress Buying Tips

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