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Casper Beds - Checking out the redesigned mattresses. Are they still firm enough?

The Casper bed has been making waves for a couple of years. But in March 2016, this memory foam sleep mattress received a makeover.

Before this, it was a firmer mattress. Now these beds have a soft layer of polyurethane foam between the firmer foam base and the memory foam layer. This layer is meant to allow a gradual transition between the memory foam and the base to give you added comfort without sacrificing support. The foam base isn’t as thick as it used to be.

But, is it still firm enough? And what causes the most buyer problems with this memory foam mattress?

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Buyers' Biggest problem with Casper Beds

It's not the firmness, or the construction. It's confusion over the differences between the Amazon and Casper direct return policies. To put it most simply, right now there aren't any differences.

  • Buy through Amazon: The 100 Night Trial period now applies when you order through Amazon. If you don't like it, arrange a large item return by calling 1-888-280-4331. From there, select option 2, and ask to be transferred to the Large Item Returns Department! 
  • Buy through Casper: You have 100 days to make your request.

Both companies have superb customer service regarding returns. In both cases you'll probably know within a couple of weeks if this is the bed for you. But you've got to know the rules and stay within the time frames or you will be very unhappy.

Now on to how people feel about the mattress itself. 

More casper bed reviews and today's prices for the different bed sizes on Amazon here.

#1 - Casper Mattress Review - Too Firm or Too Soft for You?

Back Sleepers? It’s very well suited for back sleepers. But people under 115 lbs may not be able to benefit from the conforming feature of this bed because they don’t sink in enough.

Side Sleepers? The changes they made in March 2016 made it much better for side sleepers. Smaller people may still experience pressure points. These changes have also made it better than the old model for older people or people with arthritis. 

Stomach Sleepers? More than 3/4 of stomach sleepers will find it comfortable. For the rest it may not be firm enough or have enough support. 

Cold weather? Because the top layer is latex, it won’t get as hard in the cold as regular memory foam. But using a heating pad won’t harm the mattress or void the warranty. 

Does it come with a topper? No, it doesn’t. Sometimes if people call to return the mattress because it’s too firm, the company offers a free or discounted topper to make the bed a bit more plush. Now that they’ve added the extra layer, that isn’t happening as often. 

Edge Support? Most people can sit on the edge to put on their shoes without the bed collapsing under them. 

Sitting up in bed? While watching TV or reading, you will sink down a little bit. It will poof back up after you move. 

#2 - Do You Need a Box Spring? 

No. You don’t need a box spring with your Casper bed. But you can use one to modify your support or to make your mattress higher. You can also use a flat platform, some metal frames, other foundations, or even the floor. It’s probably too much for a futon or a futon platform bed to handle. 

You can use some slatted base platforms. However, the slats or supports must be no more than 3” apart. If they are more spread out than that it will not provide enough support and will void your warranty.

#3 - Will Off-Gassing, Smells or Odors bother you?

Do Casper beds stink like this skunk?

The different foams in the mattress are CertiPur certified, and that includes low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

According to most reviews, this memory foam mattress has no smell or off-gassing to deal with. Others buyers say it takes 24 hours to gas off. A few people can’t ever get used to it. If you are still bothered by a smell after a week, have them come and take the mattress away and collect your refund.

#4 -Will Your Latex Allergy Flare up?

Latex allergies are usually caused by a reaction to a protein in natural latex. The latex foam in the Casper mattress is synthetic latex foam. It doesn’t have that protein.

You also have a fire-protection sock and a mattress cover between you and the latex anyway.

However, if you are severely allergic to latex, be aware that Casper’s plant uses non-synthetic latex for some other products, so there is a small risk of cross-contamination. 

#5 - How Does It Perform For Heavy People?

Lighter people are the ones who most often complain that the Casper bed is too firm.

Moderately heavy people report that they sink in a bit more and it contours to their bodies very well.

Casper was designed to hold a total weight of 450 lbs and they recommend that individuals be 250 lbs or less. You have the usual Amazon 30-day period to find out if it works for you (100 days if you buy direct - see the warranty information below). 

#6 - Do Casper beds sleep hot?

Some people found it to be neutral or slightly warmer than their previous beds. Removing the mattress pad can fix this. A small subset of buyers were fine with it but thought it might be too hot for two people. 

#7 - What About Motion Transfer?

The Casper bed holds up on this front. The dogs and kids can walk around on your mattress, your partner can roll over or get in and out, and you won’t notice. You also won’t get sucked into the "valley" if your sleeping partner is heavier than you are. 

#8 - What Is The Warranty? How about returns?

RETURNS: If you purchase through Amazon you get the usual Amazon 30-day warranty. Call Amazon at 866-216-1072 BEFORE your 30 days are up and ask to speak with a “Large Items” team member to get the return started. You don’t have to try to compress it again. Amazon will arrange for the pickup and transportation.

You get the 100-night return period if you buy it directly from Casper – just phone them and they’ll have it picked up and taken to a local charity

Their return policy is one of their main marketing features, so if you don’t like it after a couple of weeks, say bye-bye. Here's 5 key things to remember about warranty claims:

  1. Keep your proof of purchase with a date in case you have to send it back
  2. You can’t put it back in the box; it will be picked up as it is
  3. Any indentations that develop (otherwise known as 'body shadows') need to be more than one inch deep to qualify for the warranty coverage. And only on mattresses that have had a proper bed base or foundation to support them.  
  4. Expect it to soften up over time
  5. The extended warranty doesn't cover things like “comfort preference”

#9 -How is the redesigned casper bed constructed?

Made in the USA, the Casper mattress has a knitted zippered cover rather than an elastic cover. It comes compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box and expands when opened. The box it comes in is 20"W x 21"L x 41"H.

It’s not the average mattress. Inside it there is a combination of foams layers to provide you with body contouring, comfort, springiness, stability – along with breathability to keep you cool. 

Here's how this memory foam mattress is constructed from the top down:

  • Zippered, knitted cover
  • Fire protection enclosure
  • 1.5” Open-cell latex foam – breathable for circulation to keep you cool
  • 1.5” High density memory foam – for comfort
  • 1.5” The new proprietary “transition” support foam layer
  • 5”  Polyurethane support foam base  

Will I need to flip it?  No, you do not have to endure that. Only one side is designed for sleeping on.

Are there flame retardant chemicals in the foam?   The Casper mattress materials don’t contain flame retardant chemicals. In fact, the CertiPur certification includes “no PBDE flame retardants.” Instead, there is a flame retardant sock made of woven silica, just inside the cover. It will starve any fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. 

Is a mattress protector included? No. But, you should have one. It’s important to protect foam mattresses from liquids. What if you spill a mug of chamomile tea or the puppy pees on the bed? You don’t need a fancy quilted one, though, and that might even make it too hot. You will be just fine with a simple mattress protector

Bed Sizes Available:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King (wider than Queen)
  • California King (narrower and longer than King)

Height or Thickness - All the layers of foam add up to 10” total. If you want it to be higher, you’ll need to add a box spring or mattress foundation. 

Bed Sheets - Use standard fitted sheets, not the “deep pocket" sheets. Standard sheets (they fit up to 16" deep) will work. These AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Sets come in five colors and five sizes.

Moving to a New Home? You probably can’t roll it back up to move it or store it. It's a very dense foam mattress. It comes vacuum-packed. Once it has expanded, it’s a done deal. But it’s about 20% lighter than most mattresses. 

Casper beds and mattresses - more reviews and details on Amazon

Casper Bed Review Summary

If you're having trouble deciding whether to choose between this bed and some of the other newer beds here's links to my reviews on the Leesa memory foam bed and the Tuft and Needle one.

The Most Common Positive Comments on Casper Memory Foam Beds

78% of Casper mattress reviews by Amazon customers (out of 833) gave it five stars. The most common reasons for those were:

  • Great bed for the price
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • It comes in a box and it’s fun to unpack and set up
  • 100-day return policy
  • Free pickup if you decide to return it

Other mattress reviewers have mentioned:

  • Very few off-gassing complaints 
  • Superb customer service 
  • Great if you like a medium-firm (on the firm side) mattress

The Most Common Negative Comments

4% of reviewers on Amazon gave the Casper mattress only one star and the main reason for that was that they found it too firm. 

They described it as sleeping on a floor, a brick, or a concrete block. Quite often these are people who weigh less than other buyers. Or side sleepers.  

It takes getting used to, but, if you haven’t been able to do that in two weeks, you probably don’t need to wait out the 100-day return policy to find out it’s not for you. Return promptly.

  • Some owners report off-gassing.
  • Other mattress reviewers have mentioned that there is only one model of the mattress.

Some owners report that the marketing scheme (bloggers getting paid to offer coupon codes) causes reviews to skew positive. Disclaimer: I'm one of those. If you click from this site over to the Casper site using this link and buy there I get a small referral fee. It's up to you to decide whether this review is skewed in Casper's favor or not. I've tried to be impartial and present the bad with the good.

Read more reviews (hundreds of them) and to check to see if they're running a good sale today for your size at this Amazon link: Casper Sleep Mattress.

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