Will A Memory Foam Cat-Dog Bed Stop the Midnight Hissing Madness?

Buying a memory foam cat/dog bed for your kitty might be the answer to better sleep for everyone. Especially if your cat's constantly stealing your dog's orthopedic bed like this:

If your feline is sneaking into your dog's bed (or trying to sleep on your face) it's time to get it one of its own. And they're usually much cheaper than heated or electric cat beds.

The Two Most Important Cat-siderations

There are two important questions that you need answered. First, are memory form cat beds available? And second, is that what kitty really wants? The answer to the second question is obviously yes. Otherwise your cat wouldn't be stretched out on the your big dog's orthopedic bed an instant after your pooch leaves for a drink of water.

But you won't find many memory foam cat beds. Most people buy small dog or what's called a "pet bed" instead.

What Makes a Purrfectly Good Bed?

Most cats prefer a traditional round cat bed that they can curl up in. This AlphaPooch Siesta Round Fleece Cat Bed is a good choice. The sides are just tall enough to provide the comforting feel of a cat pile without making your cat feel confined.

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AlphaPooch Siesta Round Fleece Cat Bed TM
71% Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars

The Alphapooch might be a lousy name for a bed for your cat. Maybe they should have named it the Top Cat? But it is a top seller for several reasons.

It Looks Good This bed comes in three colors, black, coco, and natural. The Natural bed is shown above. It has both an Inner and outer foam core that is covered in plush woven synthetic lambskin. And the middle has a 20 inch diameter (large enough for bigger cats). It almost makes you wish you were cat sized.

It's Washable! The inner cushion where kitty sleeps.

Owners seem pleased with the way that their finicky cats take to their new accommodations. There are few complaints aside from having to occasionally pick off fur after washing.

Features that both cats and owners seem to like:

    What You Get:
  • High sides snuggle your pet
  • Cushy soft inner pillow
  • Small model is good for 8 pound cat
  • Medium is big enough for a 17+ lb feline
  • 2 friendly cats can fit in the medium
  • The inner cushion is washable!
  • And it's very affordable

Thinking about the alternatives this is a great way to avoid being woken up in the middle of the night by yet another cat spat, or by your kitty sitting on your forehead. Get a memory foam cat/dog bed like the AlphaPooch and everyone will sleep well.

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