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Treating costochondritis and Tietze syndrome chest wall pain. What cheap treatment options really work to reduce your rib cage chondritis?

If you're reading this you probably already know what 'costo' is and how it differs from tietze syndrome and pericarditis (but just in case you don't, those last 3 links go directly to And you've gone to the doctor and know that you're not having a heart attack (if not, stop reading and call right NOW!) What you don't know is how to naturally and inexpensively reduce your inflammation and feel better.

I found a very relevant article by Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., MD, that outlines the basics of treating 'costo'.

What MD's Know About Treating Costochondritis and Tietze Syndrome

Costochondritis can be aggravated by any activity that involves stressing the structures of the front of the chest cage. It is generally best to minimize these activities until the inflammation of the rib and cartilage areas has subsided.

Rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and even cortisone injections have been used as therapy for the inflamed, painful cartilage of both costochondritis and Tietze syndrome. Ice packs applied to local swelling can sometimes help to reduce pain and inflammation. Local lidocaine analgesic patch (Lidoderm) application can reduce pain.

Here's the original article.

What Are The Best Mattresses for Sleeping With Rib Pain?

That's not such a strange question. Did you notice that getting enough rest was the first thing listed in the preceding article? Unfortunately, sleeping is a major problem for patients with 'costo'. Rolling over in bed can be painful enough to wake you up. Many can no longer sleep on their sides. And getting enough good sleep is critical to controlling inflammation. And so a vicious feedback loop can develop.

Here at we firmly believe that a quality memory foam mattress will help you sleep better. It will reduce your movements in bed because the weight of your body is spread evenly. You won't develop pressure points that wake you up for just a second to roll over. A visco memory foam mattress can even make it possible for side sleepers to enjoy sleeping on their backs.

And if you find you simply can't sleep on your back, use a large pillow between your arms and don't allow them to cross over. Crossing your arms can cause your chest muscles to constrict painfully.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Options for Costochondritis Relief

Foods to Reduce Inflammation and Rib Pain

The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book
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Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, fatty fish and other omega 3 rich foods like hemp and flax seeds. Olive and coconut oils and herbs like sage, garlic and oregano also have anti-microbial properties that may help reduce swelling.

Discover how to eat to reduce rib pain associated with inflammation. And enjoy it.

Light Stretching And Visiting a Medical Massage Therapist Eases Costochondritis Pain

They're not immediate cures, but many people have noticed a big difference. Lauren Lucille from CostoHope finds them very effective and tells how they work for her.

Light Stretching- It's natural to want to curl up in a ball when the pain gets worse. But light stretching is really important. Don't allow that rib cage to become concave. Really keep the posture up. Lightly stretching the entire body after a light walk is really important. The best stretch I have is standing in a door way, putting my hands on either side of the door way and stepping through the door to stretch the rib cage. First do the exercise with your hands up really high. Next, do the exercise with your hands at shoulder length. And relax and breathe as you do it.

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Medical Massage Therapist- This is been the biggest help for me, personally. After seeing over 70 doctors including ER visits, the pain had spread to my shoulder and back, I began seeing a message therapist at my PT's office. She finally convinced me, after only messages on my back, to let her work on my ribs. She had suffered from Costo herself and had been healed quickly through message. I was skeptical, but let her try. The first month was really tough, as you all know...she would touch my ribs and I would just about scream in pain. She has been VERY patient with I'm three months down the road and my pain has gone from stabbing attacks (7/8) on a pain scale to a burning, gnawing ,around the clock, 4/5 on the pain scale. She is very confident in this therapy, we shall see. I will keep yall posted. I am so thankful for her! And I finally feel hopeful again for the first time in a long time. Original article here.

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