Is An Englander Mattress the Very Best Memory Foam Bed For You?

An Englander Mattress might just be the best bed that you have never heard about. Englander memory foam mattresses prices are low, and they have a good reputation. The company relies on word of mouth to get their sales, and doesn't do much advertising.

The company's notoriously secretive on prices. You won't find quoted prices on the company's website. But their Viscopedic (memory foam) mattresses typically run from $900 to $1,500. You can click on some of their beds below for more rankings and reviews.

Max Englander started his firm back in 1894 and as such was one of the first premium mattress brands. The company fell out of favor but then came back in 1995 to become the 10th largest manufacturer in the USA. The whole key to their success is an advanced formulation of the old fashioned latex mattress. Today, they have been an innovator by combining their signature latex together with memory foam and inner springs.

Usually the Englander mattress will sell for less than a comparable Stearns and Foster and Tempurpedic mattresses. They have started to branch out into more luxury models. Be sure and compare prices before you purchase. This will be a chore, as they don't list prices on their website. You'll have to visit and/or contact local retailers in your state.

Englander makes a number of mattresses in factories located throughout the United States. All product lines may not be available in every area. Their most popular lines include:

  • Synergy Fusion Foam
  • ViscoPEDIC
  • Lady Englander
  • Nature's Finest Organic
  • Nature's Finest Latex
  • Tension Ease
  • 21st Century with Posture Support

Of the above, only the Posture Support, Synergy Fusion and ViscoPEDIC sleep systems contain memory foam.

englander mattress viscopedic ViscoPEDIC mattresses
These are 'greener' than other competitors. Englander memory foam mattresses are manufactured using a soy based visco elastic foam that's made with a patented VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) process. Polyurethane is the typical memory foam material.

An interesting fact is that only around 21% of the foam can be made of soy. Any more than 21% and your bedroom will end up smelling like movie theater popcorn. They fill out the remaining 79% with various other chemicals used for foaming. There are some reports that rain forests in Brazil are being cut to make way for soy plantations. As far as the I am concerned, it's a toss-up as to whether polyurethane or soy is better for the environment. But if you want to save on oil, soy is the way to go.

Environmental factors being put aside, Englander claims that their VPF process produces a more durable, consistent, resilient and conforming mattress. Using their Airtech™ design provides an increase in air circulation that keeps you cool and comfortable. It has a 20 year warrantee, does not contain PBDE, and is hypo-allergenic.

Customer feedback has been found to be mixed, but you should take into account that studies have found that people are more likely to complain than praise online.

englander mattress  synergy fusion Sleep systems are a memory foam and latex hybrid. They aren't cheap, but they are comfortable. This luxury model's suggested list price was $3,999 back in 2005. These are often described as latex memory foam mattresses. This Englander mattress is constructed of a top visco elastic layer divided into seven zones of varying density. This allows it to easily adapt to your body's contours. The memory foam covers a firmer latex core.

Customer reviews have been favorable. Their memory foam layer is quick to adapt to your contours. In addition, because of the soy, there is not a synthetic odor. However there have been some mentions in the reviews of the bed developing slight dips in the mattress sooner than buyers thought they would develop.

englander mattress 21st century 21st Century
The Posture Support system is essentially an innerspring mattress augmented with memory foam. These offer a more traditional feel with some visco elastic comfort. A number of the newer models also throw latex components into the mix. I have seen retailer websites that invite you to "experience the comfort of inner-springs, memory foam and latex all in one mattress!"

That may be a good marketing tag line, but taking a hard look at this mattress reminds me of Murphy's Law. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." The Maniac has found that the more complicated the gizmo the more likely Murphy will show up. Looking at the photo at the top of this section, these mattresses have convoluted constructions. Is that a memory foam or latex core sitting in the middle of those bed springs outlined in the yellow box?

Customer reviews typically find that this Englander mattress style is comfortable. There is no mention of any odor problems. But I have questions regarding how well it will wear when compared to a simpler mattresses.

An Englander mattress has a long history of value, pedigree and innovation. Similar to all innovators, they have had their problems. But in the long run, an Englander mattress is a quality product.

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