How Extra Large Dog Beds with Memory Foam Help YOU Sleep Better

Extra large dog beds that are also memory foam dog beds aren't just good for extra large dog breeds. Here's 3 reasons to love an orthopedic dog bed.

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XXL Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed

Super Jumbo Size Pillow Style Memory Foam Dog Bed

(1) An Extra Large Dog Bed Will Let You Sleep With Fewer Interruptions

My sister's dog, Kayla, agrees with her that her memory foam mattress is the best place to sleep in the house. Kayla is no fool. But even with Tempurpedic's legendary ability to dampen motion transfer my sister still felt it when Kayla moved around. Something to do with paws and claws getting in her face at night. And Kayla just doesn't grasp the concept of staying on 'her' side of the bed.

All this sharing with a big dog was leading my sister into a case of grumpy sleep deprivation. But she's a gentle soul and felt bad about just banishing Kayla to the floor.

So Kayla got an extra large orthopedic dog bed for Christmas. It was put in the master bedroom close to the Tempurpedic. Now my sister sleeps through the night without guilt. She wakes up refreshed and ready to earn the dog chow. And Kayla sleeps on her own personal memory foam extra large dog bed.

(2) Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Beds Are Healthier for Your Large Breed Dog

You'll also sleep better knowing that you've done something healthy for your dog. Great Dane dog beds and other beds belonging to extra large dog breeds like Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds and Great Pyrenees should provide a soft but supportive sleeping surface to ward off joint problems.

Almost half of large breed dogs eventually develop hip dysplasia. Purchasing memory foam extra large dog beds is a good preventative measure to prolong the quality of life for your dog. Good orthopedic dog beds increase circulation at night and promote joint healing through a more restful sleep. Do not wait until the big guy is limping to get him a memory foam dog bed of his own.

(3) Extra Large Dog Beds Reduce Falling Risks

You'll sleep better knowing that the risk of injury from falling are greatly reduced if your big dog has his own memory foam dog bed. Your year old Great Dane will have no problem jumping on to your bed. But older dogs, like elderly humans also risk major health complications from falling. If your dog becomes accustomed to sleeping on their own memory foam dog beds on the floor they'll be less likely to hurt themselves when they get older and cannot understand why they can't leap on to your bed like they used to.

A nice side benefit for you is that you no longer have to worry about defending your sleeping space. Extra large dog breeds are large enough to inadvertently shove you off your bed. Ouch!

Recommended Extra Large Dog Beds That Are Also Memory Foam Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds come in different sizes. A quick way to determine how big a bed your pup will need is to measure your dog from base of tail to the nose tip and add 5 inches. The bed should be at least that long.

Here are two highly rated extra large dog beds:

extra large dog beds, memory foam dog beds
Extra Large 40 inch x 35 inch x 4 inch 100% Memory Foam Dog Bed
Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
More than 82% of buyers gave it the highest possible score.

Rugged, sturdy, soft and supportive. These are some of the adjectives that happy big dog owners use for these extra large dog beds. In fact this dog bed is better rated than many human memory foam beds.

Dog owners love this bed from cover to core. The heavy gauge denim outer cover washes up nice and soft. And there's a water repellant inner liner top to keep accidents off of the memory foam. The actual mattress part of the bed is a 4 inch slab of high density memory foam.

This bed is large enough and supportive enough for an Irish Wolfhound at 170 pounds as one happy buyer says.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Good workmanship, sturdy materials
  • Comfortable enough for people!
  • Cover washes well. Soft yet durable.
  • Great for arthritis and hip stiffness

Pick up an extra Denim Zipper Cover for XL Dog Bed that way your puppy won't have to wait for the laundry to get done before he can take a nap. Or better yet, buy two of these extra large dog beds and the seller will throw in the extra cover for free.

extra large dog beds, memory foam dog beds, orthopedic dog bed
Jumbo Extra Large Orthopedic Pillow Style 58 x 50 inch Dog Bed
Rated 4.8 out of 5
83% of buyers gave it a perfect rating

This is one HUGE bed. Make sure that you measure your dog before you buy it. Your dog may be able to use the smaller bed discussed above.

That being said, this bed is perfection for many extra large dog breeds. It has the same soft but rugged zippered cover as the smaller solid memory foam bed above. And the water repellant inner layer is also there.

The differences are of course its size and the fact that its stuffed with new shredded memory foam pieces and high loft polyester fiber fill. This is an ideal combination that provides maximum lift and support in a pillow style bed. A 100% shredded memory foam dog bed would get lumpy almost immediately.

Don't worry about your big dog crushing the pillow filling to the floor. The manufacturer used good quality materials. There's plenty of reviews that talk about how their Great Dane or Mastiff sleeps on it all the time and it still springs back.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Big enough so that large dogs can stretch out
  • Soft denim zippered cover
  • Water resistant inner cover
  • Will not squash down to the floor, even under a heavy dog

If you buy two this manufacturer will throw in an extra 58 x 50 inch Extra Large Jumbo Replacement Cover for FREE!

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