How to Sleep Better

Need how-to tips for better sleep? How do you avoid insomnia even if you've got back pain, a cold, depression, are pregnant, restless kids and hot flashes. Hopefully you don't have them all at once, yikes!

The Memory Foam Maniac held an internet contest to collect sleep tips that really work from real people. 231 people submitted hundreds of useful and creative tips for getting a good night's rest, ranging from taking melatonin or tryptophan, and relaxation techniques to wearing socks to keep your feet warm!

There were so many responses that we decided to break them up into separate articles for you. The complete list is below.

    Best Sleep Tips:
  • Sleeping Better with Back Pain
  • Get A Good Night's Sleep With a Cold
  • Sleeping Tips While Pregnant
  • Better Sleep Tips for Kids
  • Sleeping Better With Depression or Anxiety
  • Sleeping with Hot Flashes
  • Sleep Better - Best Natural Sleep Aids

How to Sleep Better With Back Pain

Almost 10% of our contributors mentioned getting a new mattress helped their back pain and made it easier to sleep. Several said that old ones can hurt your back which hurts your sleep. Check out the Memory Foam Maniac's picks for Best Mattresses for the best memory foam beds for your budget (and your back).

Others thought that sleeping on a memory foam pad made all the difference in their back pain. One said specifically that, "Pillow top or memory foam toppers have always helped me get a better night's sleep."

The Bestselling Memory Foam Topper

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Over 65% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

There's many reasons why this memory foam pad is the top bestseller on Amazon. First, this pad has the perfect thickness and density to soften a too firm mattress. It also eases pain in shoulders and hips for side sleepers.

Unlike some others, the 'new memory foam' smell goes away rapidly. Most unusually, many buyers report that the smell is not unpleasant, it's sort of minty. And finally, almost all agree that the very low price point was one of the key reasons for buying this memory foam topper.

This is a great memory foam mattress topper and it is no surprise that it is the top bestseller on Amazon.

Other suggestions for how to sleep better at night with back pain:

    More Best Sleeping Tips for Back Pain
  • "A pillow under the knees helps the back and is more comfortable"
  • Four people said sleep on your side. As one woman put it,"Sleeping on your side is more efficient then sleeping on your belly for example. Sleeping on your belly can cause back pain in future years."
  • "I have chronic pain and find that I sleep better when I do the following: My bathtub is actually a whirlpool tub and I get in it every night for an hour just before bed. I also add lavender scent oil that is very relaxing."
  • "Tylenol PM !! Horrible, I know..."
  • "Take a naproxyn tablet and sleep on your side"
  • "Midol PM works if your back hurts and you need to sleep"

What works for you when you want to sleep better with back pain? Leave a comment and please LIKE this page on Facebook. Sleep is so important to good health and we'd like to spread good sleep tips around. That way more people are healthy and happy and that just makes for a better world. Don't you agree?

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How to Sleep Better

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