How to soak up the urine, and/or water out of the foam mattress topper

A Reader's Suggestion by Kate (from Connecticut)

My friends were staying with us and soaked the affected area of the foam mattress topper with water after their son wet the bed and then hung it over a rail to dry.

This does not work..!

If a part of the foam is wet - lay the bare foam mattress topper on the floor - hardwood surface etc. Spread thick layers of paper towels underneath the affected wet part; I used 6 layers of paper towels. (Move the foam into position over the paper towels.)

Then spread thick layers of paper towels on top of the affected wet part. Suggest use 6 layers.

In your bare feet, stand on the paper towels and allow your foot/feet to sink in for at least 20-30 seconds. Alternate shifting all your body weight from one foot to the other.

Move methodically over the wet part until you are 100% sure you covered the whole area.

If the paper towels are wet/damp, do it again with dry paper towels.

You can tell when you have absorbed as much as you can.

Then air dry in a warm place or use a fan as suggested for a couple of days.

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