King Size Bed Dimensions

King size bed dimensions should be simple, but they aren't. They vary by location. Let the Maniac make it easy for you with simple mattress size charts by country. Then find standard and California king tempurpedic style foam sleep systems that will send you to dreamland instead of a nightmare about buying the wrong size and type of bed.

How Big is a King Bed? Which one? There are actually four of them. Standard king size bed measurements are 16 inches wider than the queen mattress size. The California king memory foam mattress is 12 inches wider and 4 inches longer than queen size bed dimensions. The last two, the Super King and the Grand King are uncommon novelty styles with dimensions not found in most memory foam beds.

There's also the 'king' size that people create by putting two twin size beds on a king size frame. But I didn't count that one in my comprehensive mattress size charts and dimensions page.

All measurements are in inches.

Bed Mattress Sizes Chart For US, UK And EU
Type Of Mattress
United States And Canada Sizes
United Kingdom (UK) Sizes
European Union (EU) Sizes
King Dimensions
California King Dimensions

Super King Dimensions


Grand King Dimensions

King bed frames are usually created in two parts. Otherwise they wouldn't fit through hallways and doors. They also have either 6 or 8 legs. And sometimes there's a support in the center to carry the weight.

Do You Really Need A King Bed? Although it provides the maximum sleeping room, king bed cost and or size may be too much for your budget and bedroom. The top surface area of the king bed is 21% larger than the queen size, which is the next smaller size. Expect to pay at least 20% or more for a king. For this reason, and to conserve space, queen mattress size is the most popular with couples. But if you both are taller than 5 feet 9 inches or just bigger, a queen size bed may feel cramped.

You also have to have space for walking around the bed and for the door to open. Check to see if your bedroom is big enough for that California king memory foam mattress or standard king bed dimensions.

Will Your New Mattress Fit In Your Bedroom? Minimum Space Needed
If Your Door Is
United States - Mattress Dimensions (Inches)Standard Measurements At Foot of Bed At Side of Bed
Width (short side) Length (long side) W L WL
California King Dimensions Memory Foam Mattress (also known as Western King size) 72 84120 120132 108
King size mattress dimensions (also known as Eastern King size)76 80 124116 136 104

King Size Bed Dimensions Prices The prices for a memory foam mattress with king size bed dimensions ranges from below $600 to more than $5,299 for the super premium TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze from Termurpedic. Now THAT'S a bed fit for a king size budget.

Don't worry, there's plenty of choices for those of us who can't dip into the royal treasury or print our own money. Here's some more well rated, affordable mattresses with king size bed dimensions.

King Dimensions

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