King Size Mattress Dimensions -And Easy Size Chart

King size mattress dimensions and king size bed size depends upon where you live and bed style. Buying a mattress using an easy mattress size chart. Find the correct size and then click to buy that new bed or bedding with confidence.

King Size Mattress Dimensions Chart For US, UK And EU
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Grand King Size

Getting the dimensions of the best mattresses for you and your family isn't easy. Particularly since something as simple as the dimensions of a king size mattress can vary so much. That bedroom that was advertised as having the correct dimensions for a king mattress size may be very crowded with that California king size bed frame. If you can't walk around the bed (you'll need at least 18 inches), you might be better off with a queen mattress size.

There are also additional problems with getting the correct bedding king dimensions. Since newer beds are often thicker, the king size comforter dimensions that grandma used are too short for your bed.

Mattress height dimensions used to be standardized around 10 or 11 inches. Now they can range from 10 to almost 18 inches. Before you go shopping for sheets or a quilt you'll need to do some extra measuring.

Measuring King Dimensions

First, measure the height of your new bed. Add 2 inches to account for the puffiness of the quilt. Now double that total and add it to the dimensions width of your bed. Do the same with the length dimensions, but don't double the total. With these dimensions that new king quilt or king comforter will look full and at least cover your mattress. So if you've got a standard king size mattress, look for a comforter with dimensions of at least 102 inches wide and 88 inches in length.

Moving A King Dimensions Bed

Another thing to consider about king size mattress dimensions is that all those inches are going to be HEAVY. King size mattress moving is not a job to be done solo. Get at least one person to help you. If you are moving a king memory foam mattress, you might need 3 people. You don't want to throw out your back while getting your new back saving mattress into your bedroom.

Many memory foam mattress dealers offer free setup and take away your old mattress. If they don't offer, negotiate for it. Make your own mattress sale! Right at the end of the bargaining session, just before you threaten to leave and take your money with you.

More on Bed Dimensions

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King Dimensions

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