King Size Memory Foam Pillow Review
- Compare price and Brands like Tempurpedic

The best king size memory foam pillow for you? Compare price, styles like contour or traditional and brands like the Serta memory pillow and Tempurpedic neck pillow.

Selecting your king size pillow King size memory foam pillows typically measure 20 by 36 inches or 20 by 40 inches. Choosing your best memory foam pillow in a king size depends on your sleeping position and the price.

Prices run anywhere from $30 up over $250 for a Tempurpedic neck pillow. On the low end, buyers' complaints about common memory foam problems like odors are more prevalent. Some say that cheaper pillows 'remember' where your head's been way too long and don't spring back even after days.

But less expensive does not necessarily equal poor quality. If you want to save a bit of money and have better sleep, check the list below for current sales on value priced quality king memory foam pillows before you buy a more expensive king size Tempurpedic pillow. You may have to select the "King" size option for current sale prices.

Traditional Style

Affordably Priced Quality King Size Memory Foam Pillow Options
Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow - King size, High Loft Plush option. Rated 4.3 out of 5 by more than 100 happy buyers. Some of them call this traditionally shaped 'natural' king size memory foam pillow the best one in the world. Technically this pillow is latex, not memory foam. Those of you with latex allergies might want to opt for the next pillow.

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Z by Malouf Zoned King Size Memory Foam Pillow
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
More than 76% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

This review's for Kara, who wanted some clarification on this page. I didn't feel comfortable reviewing this pillow before this. There just wasn't enough feedback when I first wrote this page. But there's over 50 reviews now and the average rating is 4.5 out of 5. So I think I can safely conclude that this is a quality pillow.

Compared with the Tempurpedic pillow, the Z is just a touch less firm. One lady in the reviews said that her ear ached just a bit if she slept on her side on her Tempurpedic pillow. This pillow seemed just a bit more softer and adaptable and she didn't wake with sore ears. The price is one quarter that of the T-pillow.

This pillow comes in four different configurations. The first two options are firm or plush. The second set of options is low or high loft. Loft is just a bedding term for how puffy and thick the pillows are. The low loft pillows are about 4 or 5 inches thick. The high loft pillows are closer to 7 inches.

Overall feel of this pillow seems to be more 'doughy' than the Z latex pillow above. Buyers report that it is a bit more supportive than the latex one also.

Contour Style

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Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Contour style
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Over 50% of purchasers gave it the highest rating that is possible.

If you have neck pain, this is your pillow! Contour pillows are generally less liked than more traditionally shaped pillows. But the fact that over 50% of 300 reviewers said that this pillow was the absolute best speaks volumes about how comfortable it is.

Unfortunately there's no king size option, just a smaller standard size. But I had to include it because so many people love this contour pillow and the price point is great. It also comes in a traditional model.

How to Get A Free Tempur-Pedic King Size Pillow!

If you really want a king size Tempurpedic to rest your head on, but don't want to pay full price, create your own mattress sale. Ask the salesperson to throw one in for free when you are negotiating the bed purchase.

If you are unsuccessful in bargaining for one, here's some links to show you current sales prices for these high-end king pillows. They start at $139 for the first one and go up from there.

How Your Sleep Position Determines Your Best Memory Foam Pillow

Your most common sleeping position will help determine what style of king size memory foam pillow is best for you.

Side Sleeper If you sleep on your side, you will probably be most comfortable with a solid memory foam king contour pillow size. The firm, moldable visco foam will soften with the heat of your head and neck and keep you in a comfortable position all night.

Back, Stomach or Restless Sleepers If you sleep on your back or you tend to change positions often, you'll probably prefer one of the traditional styles. These pillows are made to fit in the traditional king size pillow case. They measure around 34" x 14" x 4". They are usually filled with shredded memory foam and other foam bits. The best lie flatter for when you're sleeping on your back and scrunch up nicely for when you've switched to sleeping on your side.

Avoid This King Size Pillow

Do not choose a traditional king size style pillow that is 100% NASA memory foam. It will get too lumpy to sleep on and won't easily mold to the shape you want. A pillow that has a mix of more conventional foam and the best shredded memory foam works best in this style of king size memory foam pillow. Tempurpedic brand uses the term 'micro cushions' to describe their memory foam bits in their more traditional king size filled pillows.

Already sleeping on a memory mattress? Then you're more likely to enjoy the feel of a king size contour style memory pillow. If not, stick with the traditional filled rectangular style.

Making a choice of which one is best for you should be much easier now that you know how to match the type of king size memory foam pillow to your sleeping style and budget.

King Size Pillows

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