Which Latex Bed is the Natural Foam Mattress for Your Budget?

3 Latex bed models under $1500 compared. Reviews of low cost bestseller natural latex mattresses compare Sealy, Ultimate Dreams and Invigo.
Choosing a natural rubber mattress can be a very expensive proposition. They are extremely comfortable and durable, lasting 20 years or more. Latex is nature's memory foam. It's hypo-allergenic, and has natural anti-microbial, fungal and mold resistant properties. And mattresses made of this material are less likely to trigger reactions from people who have synthetic chemical sensitivities.

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But you typically pay a higher price for all those natural characteristics. This page has some less expensive alternatives that might just work for you without costing you too much money.

What to Consider When Buying A Quality Latex Bed on Your Budget

The primary thing to look for is reviews that state that the bed is comfortable and not too firm. The next characteristic to scan for is whether the product has significant, long lasting odor problems. Third, you have to decide whether sleeping on a totally natural surface is of paramount importance to you.

One other thing that needs to be taken into consideration; you have to be sure that you don't have any sensitivity to latex. A latex bed allergy can develop suddenly. And when it does, it won't matter how comfortable or 'natural' your latex mattress is. It will simply have to go. Think twice about getting one of these beds if you've already got allergies. Sensitivities to bananas, kiwis and chestnuts have been associated with latex allergy.

Latex Bed Under 500 USD

Finding a quality latex bed under 500 USD is difficult, even on a huge retailer like Amazon. The following bed sometimes is priced less than $500. But you can almost always find it in the mid 500's.

latex bed, natural latex mattress
Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Queen Size Ultra Plush
4.9 out of 5 Rating

There are 4 main reasons why people buy this bed more than any other latex mattress on Amazon. First, it's a VERY comfortable bed. And that's because of reason #2): Insanely good customer service. The manufacturer contacts you personally, asks you a few questions and customizes each bed for you. 3) It's one of the least expensive natural rubber bed alternatives on that online retailer. 4) Minimal odors that disappear quickly.

The bamboo mattress cover and quality workmanship are also unexpected from a bed in the $500 range.

So how do you get the most out of this latex mattress? Be there to accept the call from the company. They'll ask you questions about your sleeping habits, height, weight etc. Answer them rather than assuming that you know what you need. They'll also let you know what to expect as far as timing in the manufacturing and shipping process.

If you need a bed frame many people have been very happy with the Structures by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14" High Bi-Fold Platform Bed Base, QUEEN. It's super strong and sturdy and gives you extra storage space underneath the bed.

Latex Bed Under 1000 USD

latex bed, natural latex mattress
Invigo Fresh Natural Latex 8-Inch Mattress White With Exclusive Invigo Fresh Benefits, Queen
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars

Ok, let's be honest here. I sometimes stink in bed...because I hate taking evening showers. If I go to bed with my hair even slightly damp I wake up with half of it sticking straight up and the other half matted tight to my skull.

If you sometimes go to bed slightly stinky, the Invigo Natural Latex mattress is worth looking at. It has odor neutralizers and anti-bacterial properties that help eliminate odors from both the mattress and your bedroom. And buyers say that it works, even for teenage boys heavily involved with sports.

The removable, washable double knit cover makes it easier for you to keep this natural rubber bed hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, fungus, mold and mildew resistant.

Sealy Latex Bed Under 1500 USD

latex bed, sealy latex bed
Sealy Embody Insightful Latex Mattress - Queen

Memory-Foam-Maniac.com had to include this mattress because Sealy is such a well known brand and there has been considerable interest in their latex mattress models. Unfortunately it's been difficult to find feedback from buyers of this bed. One factor is that its a relatively new mattress (since 2010). Another is that gel mattresses were introduced around the same time and took some of the attention away from this Sealy model.

So what did I find from my survey of reviews? I found some that have compared it favorably to the Ikea latex bed. In a side by side comparison the Insightful is a thicker, more plush feeling mattress. The Insightful is a 10 inch high bed. The Ikea latex is only 6 inches high. Adults are usually more comfortable with 8 inches or more in their mattresses so you don't 'bottom out' on the bed frame. The Ikea is also firmer. It is also made completely of natural rubber, but the core is probably the firmer Dunlop type. The Sealy Insightful has a poly core, not a latex one.

Which Latex Mattress to Choose? And Why Choose It?

If you aren't going to settle for anything less than an all natural, all latex bed you'll not find a queen size for under $2,000. That's just the facts. A review for a great choice (the all natural Essentia) can be found on our best mattresses page.

But if your focus is on comfort and affordability and not 'natural' the obvious top pick is the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress. This bed is well made and buyers love the soft bamboo mattress cover. But what really sets this mattress apart is the care that the company takes to customize the mattress just for you. The results of their terrific customer service can be found in the rave reviews of those who have bought them. And the off-the-chart ratings that buyers give these beds reflect that.

So when you're shopping for a latex bed on a budget, and your comfort is more important than 100% latex the absolute best value for your hard earned money is the Ultimate Dreams model.

Memory Foam Maniac's Pick: Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Queen Size Ultra Plush

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