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This FREE mattress buying guide shows you how to buy the best memory foam mattress without worrying about high mattress prices, cheap mattresses or scary salesmen.

mattress buying guide - smart shopping for memory foam mattressesThere are two ways to read this:

  • Decide that you don't have time to spend on all this crap. You just want to know what the 3 most popular, best memory foam mattresses are and go buy one. (SHORTCUT!)
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The first, most important thing to remember about buying a memory foam mattress is DON'T GET HUNG UP LOOKING FOR PERFECTION. The fact is that mattresses are a commodity and many will work for you, not just one. Don't believe it if a salesperson tells you that you have to buy that comfortable mattress now ("The sale ends today and you'll pay 6 times as much after its over!"). Or that you risk perpetual insomnia along with the inevitable hallucinations, job loss and financial and social ruin if you don't buy that particular mattress. There's always another mattress deal tomorrow.

7 Things You MUST Do Before Buying A Mattress

The most important steps to take, from setting a budget and choosing a mattress size to finding a memory foam mattress dealer.

5 Questions You Need to Ask the Salesperson to Find Your Best Memory Foam Mattress

Confound the scariest mattress salesmen with these simple questions. And make memory foam mattress comparisons easy.

How to Make Your Own Mattress Sale

The easiest way to get a discount. Should you use store credit? Where will you get the best deals? Plus more tips on creating a your personal mattress sale.

The Truth About Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

Can cheap mattresses really be dangerous? How to determine whether a mattress is too cheap. And should you consider buying a used mattress?

Mattress Prices

As a general rule, don't even bother with a memory foam mattress priced below $500. And a good value on a large bed could actually cost more than $3,000.

Unfortunately there's no way to easily compare mattress prices beyond that. Even though many memory foam mattresses are similar, each bed store company has individually branded them so that it's difficult to even compare densities and foam layer depth. And they are very quick to change their prices to remain competitive. So ALWAYS ask for a discount. The author of this mattress buying guide thinks that you shouldn't be too shy about it either.

Make Memory Foam Mattress Comparisons Easy

Stats like foam densityILD and number and height of layers are all important. But this mattress buying guide strongly suggests that your comfort should be the deciding factor.

Memory Foam Bed Discount

There's a difference between a memory foam bed discounted and a cheap bed. Cheap beds can stink and start to sag almost immediately.

A discount bed can be less expensive because of fewer frills such as an added pillow top or maybe it's sold direct by the manufacturer. You don't have to pay top dollar to get a good sleep on a memory foam mattress.

Wholesale Memory Foam

There's plenty of retailers who will claim to sell you wholesale memory foam. But most of the time it's merely discounted slightly. Buying wholesale memory foam mattresses usually takes a business license and a willingness to make a commitment to buy many mattresses, not just one or two.

All too often the word "wholesale" is just used as a synonym for 'sale'. Or it's a ploy to sell you substandard goods. Be cautious when someone offers to sell you memory foam wholesale.

Mattress Online

Don't ever buy a memory foam mattress online unless you've tried a similar one in person.

Before you buy a mattress online do a search for negative reviews and complaints. Get written quotes for all costs and fees associated with any potential returns. On a more positive note, you can easily find adiscount mattress online. All of the big manufacturers have websites. You can easily find your tempurpedic, serta and sealy mattress online.

Mattress Firm

Mattress firmness is discussed in every mattress buying guide. Possibly because it's a much more measureable quantity than 'comfort'. I'm not going to get into a long discussion about ILD and density now. Here's some shortcuts...

The best firm mattress in an inner spring mattress is easy to determine. Lie on your back in bed. A firm mattress will leave just enough room for you to be able to slide your hand (with a bit of effort) under the small of your back.

A firm orthopaedic mattress, or a firm foam mattress will not allow you to slide your hand under the small of your back at all.

Memory foam will be firm at first then will soften where your body is touching it so that your entire back is cradled without small gaps between you and the mattress.

For more information, click the menu links sprinkled throughout this article or take the easy way out and check out some of the best rated mattresses below. I hope you found this mattress buying guide useful. 

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