Mattress Sale! How to Write Your Own Memory Foam Bed Discounts

Make your own mattress sales. Read up on these shopping tips for wholesale memory foam mattress deals every day. You don't have settle for cheap memory foam mattresses. With a little homework, you can buy the best rated mattresses for less!

The lucky buyer of this mattress saved $22,000 off the price of this mattress! Click on the photo below, to play it. It's a pretty good video, so its actually worth the stupid YouTube commercial at the front. I couldn't get rid of it...sorry.

Ok, so you probably won't get that much off the price of your mattress. But you can create your own mattress sale, without running around the store with a big red marker scratching out their prices. All you need to do is simply...ASK. If you've done a bit of homework (see The Complete Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide) you'll be speaking from a position of strength and you will get a great deal on your new memory foam mattress.

First, ignore the big SALE sign in the front window. Mattress stores are ALWAYS having a "sale". What you're after is your own personal discount.
Here's how to get it:

Always ask for a lower price! ALWAYS. In the higher price ranges it's not unheard of to get almost half price off. ASK! Don't let your shyness cost you a lot of money.

Pay with cash, personal check or personal credit card - avoid store credit, Get a firm commitment on price, in writing, then discuss payment methods. If they say they cannot give you the discount if you do not use the store payment plan or credit line, read the credit agreement before signing. Look for wording that the purchase can be paid off without penalty or interest before the end of the 'no interest' period. If not, leave the store and buy somewhere else. Creating your own mattress sale is more than just getting a lower price.

Ask the salesperson "What's your return policy?" A good 30 or 60 day return policy is one of the most important features of your mattress. Most manufacturer's defects show up in the first month. And some people are not able to adjust to sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Make sure that you read the fine print on the guarantee and are familiar with any restocking or shipping charges that you may incur by returning the mattress.

Move on to another vendor if the guarantee only gives you store credit rather than refunding your hard earned cash.

Also, find out if the manufacturer's warranty covers the mattress if you don't buy the whole memory foam mattress set.

Buy at a furniture store rather than at a mattress only store. Furniture stores typically have a mattress and bedding department. According to the October 2009 Consumer Report on mattress satisfaction, furniture stores typically give you a better deal. The Maniac prefers to test at mattress stores. The selection is usually much larger and the salespeople are more experienced. A knowledgeable salesperson at a mattress store knows the inventory and can often match a mattress to your physique with a few simple questions. But it appears that for some reason more Consumer Reports subscribers reported getting a better deal with the furniture stores. So as you leave the bedding store, tell the salesperson why, maybe they'll create a private mattress sale just for you.

Shop where the prices are clearly posted. This may be an indication that the mattress store is confident that their costs are competitive and fair. If the prices are not visible, ask if the salesperson is on commission. If they are, make them state the price of the mattress first. Wait in silence until they tell you. Use the information in your notebook ruthlessly, especially if you found other stores with nearly equal or lower prices. Tell the salesperson you'll go to the other store (where there's another mattress that you tested and liked) unless they beat the price.

Don't assume that you'll always save more by buying your mattress factory direct. Certain discounted models are only available 'factory direct'. If you are buying 'factory direct' ask where the factory is. If the factory is far away, make sure that there are no hidden transportation fees for getting the mattress to your bedroom.

3 things you must do before you buy your mattress online

  • Do the 15 minute test on similar mattress
  • Creating an online mattress sale can get tricky. Get a written quote for all fees and costs associated with purchasing and delivering your mattress to your bedroom.
  • Carefully study their return policy. Make sure you factor in any transportation costs. Memory foam mattresses are HEAVY and return shipping costs could be high.

    Most online companies' mattresses are shipped in small, compressed packages thru UPS or FedEx. When the package is opened the mattress expands dramatically, It's impossible to get it back into its original package. If you have to return the mattress, you'll pay freight charges for an extra large item. Often these shipping charges are more expensive than it is to actually keep the mattress. And of course, these companies don't supply their customers with packaging materials.

Making your own mattress sale is easier than you thought. And you don't have to worry about how you'll get those red marker stains off your hands.

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