These Mattress Size Charts
Will Help You Pick the best Bed Size for your space

The Mattress size charts below will help you choose the best memory foam bed for your body and room dimensions. Want to sleep better and be healthier? Don't buy a too small mattress!

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If you pick the wrong bed mattress sizes you will not only end up spending a significant amount of money but will also have to go through the grind of returning it. So it's imperative to pick correctly the first time around. You don't want to be the one who purchased a double for your couple without realizing that bed only offers the width size of a crib for each person.

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Look at the list below and the table afterwards to help you determine the mattress size that you should pick:

Mattress size picking checklist

  • How many people who will sleep on the mattress?
  • What are your weights and heights
  • How big is your bedroom
  • What type of bed frame do you have (if any)?
  • Any other bedroom furniture?

This is one of the basic mattress size charts that depict the length and width in both inches and centimeters. You can opt for these sizes even when buying a memory foam mattress.

Bed Mattress Sizes Chart For US, UK And EU
Type Of Mattress
United States And Canada Sizes
United Kingdom (UK) Sizes
European Union (EU) Sizes
27x51 inches
69x130 cm

Single ( Mini)

30x69 inches
76x175 cm

Single (Twin)
39x75 inches
99x191 cm
36x75 inches
91x191 cm
35.4x78.7 inches
90x200 cm
Single XL
39x80 inches
99x203 cm
42x75 inches
107x191 cm

Double (Full)
54x75 inches
137x191 cm
48x75 inches
122x191 cm
55x78.7 inches
140x200 cm
Double XL
54x80 inches
137x203 cm
54x75 inches
137x191 cm

60x80 inches
154x203 cm
Referred to as a "King"
60 x 78 inches
150 x 200 cm
63x78.7 inches
160x200 cm
Olympic Queen
(Novelty size available in select brands)
66x80 inches
168x203 cm

California Queen
(Size becoming obsolete)
60x84 inches
152x213 cm

King (also known as Eastern King
76x80 inches
193x203 cm
60x78 inches
154x198 cm
71x78.7 inches
180x200 cm
California King
72x84 inches
183x213 cm

Super King

72x78 inches
183x198 cm

Grand King
80x98 inches
203x249 cm

Choosing The Right Mattress Size

  • While looking at the different mattress size charts ensure that the length of the mattress should be 6 inches more than the height of the person who intends to use the bed.
  • The next constraint should be the width, unfortunately you cannot use mattress size charts to determine if the width of the bed is comfortable; for this you will need to try out various bed mattress sizes by lying on them comfortably with a pillow below your head. Now put your hands behind your head and see if your elbows go beyond the mattress if you are shopping for one person or if it touches the elbow of the other person when picking a mattress for two people.
  • The size of the room will also be a factor; after all, you don't want to bump into the furniture every time you try to get into bed so leave a clearance of at lease 22 inches on all sides of the mattress
  • If you are shopping for kids or teenagers remember that they are going to grow, so purchasing cheaper small bed mattress sizes today will just pave the way for extra expenditure to buy a larger mattress in a few years or even months.

Mattress Size Charts

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