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mattress-sizes-measuringCompare mattress sizes from king size mattress dimensions down to cribs. And how to choose the correct bed size for your comfort and space.

Because you really don't want to have to knock down a wall to fit your new California King memory foam mattress into your bedroom.

Memory foam mattresses come in the same standard sizes that others do. But do you really know the differences between bed sizes? Do you know the size of queen beds and that there's an Olympic queen size that's 6 inches wider than the standard?

Get informed. Get the measurements. Don't be as clueless as the Memory Foam Maniac when I started.

And buy your bed with confidence that you won't have to do any remodeling.

Bed Length and Width Charts

Think that a twin is the same wherever you go? Not true my sleepy friend. If you toss and turn at night, go to the European continent. You'll get 7 more inches (18 cm) of elbow room on that twin than you would on a twin in the UK. The Maniac has mattress size charts to clear your world-wide bed size confusion...

Mattress size Dimensions

Find the standard ones listed from king size bed dimensions and queen mattress dimensions to the smallest(coming soon...)

Bed Mattress Sizes

All the common sizes and their names that you've heard about plus the oddballs. This bed page is a nicely alphabetized list from Grand Kings to cribs and rv mattresses. (coming soon...)

California King Memory Foam Mattress

The longest standard size is the California King. Its measurements are W72" x L84" (W183cm x L213cm)

King Size Mattress Dimensions

The widest standard bed is the king size. You can fit almost 3 crib mattresses in the width of a king size bed. Here's where to find King size bed dimensions. And our Memory Foam Mattress King Beds - Which is Best? review will help you find a king bed to love.

Queen Mattress Size

Many couples find the queen bed the most comfortable. It's the most popular of all mattress sizes on the bed size charts. Don't miss Queen Mattresses with Memory Foam - Cheap! Here's more information on queen size mattress dimensions and queen size bed dimensions...

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

The Maniac doesn't recommend trying to sleep two on a full size bed. They are the narrowest on a per person basis. Most full size mattresses are W54" x L75" (W137cm x L191cm). However, there is a full XL or extra long that's W54 x L80 (W137cm x L203cm). You have 11" less to sleep in per person than you get on king size mattress dimensions.

Twin Mattress

For maximum width per person, choose the twin size. Twins come in two versions. The usual twin measurements are W39 x L75 (W99cm x L191cm). The 'dormitory' or twin XL (extra long) is W39" x L80" (W99cm x L203cm).

Memory Foam Mattress Single

Otherwise known as the twin. The least expensive and therefore the most popular size. You can sleep cheaply and comfortably if you keep a few of these things in mind...

Crib Mattress Sizes

Most recently manufactured crib pads are W28" x L52" (W71cm x L132cm). You should only be able to get a maximum of two fingers in between the sleeping cushion and the side of the crib. And make sure you buy a firmer mattress for your infant. Wait until your child is at least a year old before you get them their first memory foam mattress. For more information check out, a great resource for anyone with a sleepy infant or toddler.

Queen Mattress Sets

What comes with a queen mattress set? Which type of bed frame is best? And where can you find quality discount mattress sets?

RV Beds

What do you need to know to find the right camper mattress for your motor home? Hint, it's not just short queen mattress dimensions.

If you've got more questions about mattress sizes click to ask using the comment box below or contact via email.

Mattress Sizes

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