Which Memory Foam Air Bed is Best?
Intex or Memory Foam Aero Bed

Which is the Best Air Bed with Memory Foam?

Two memory foam air bed brands make the most popular, highest rated memory foam raised air bed or inflatable beds. Buyers compared them for you so making a purchase choice is easy.

The Memory Foam Maniac thinks memory foam makes almost anything better. That is certainly the case with inflatable beds. Visco foam smooths out the divots and channels on the top that are a necessary structural feature of all air beds. Unlike standard air beds, a memory foam raised air bed will conform to your curves without pushing back or making pressure points that will keep you awake. This feature, together with an extremely cheap price and compact storage makes a memory foam air bed the ideal choice for guests and visiting kids home from college.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Air Bed with Memory Foam

A memory foam top is what's going to make your air bed purchase super comfortable. But regulating the amount of air inside the bed is going to make it usable. You want the bed to be made of thicker material that resists punctures. The motor must be quiet. Does it inflate or deflate quickly, within two or three minutes? And it should have a built-in motor that can be operated to adjust firmness while you're lying on top of the bed. Last, there should be plenty of reviews and additional information on the product from other buyers. For this reason, we've gone to retail giant Amazon.

Comparing the Bestselling Intex and Aero Bed Memory Foam Raised Air Beds

memory foam air bed, inflatable bed
AeroBed Premier Memory Foammemory foam air bed, inflatable bed
Rating 4.0 out of 5

One of the most popular selling points of this bed is that it inflates and deflates fast - in just 60 seconds! Another thing buyers like is that there's a hand held controller allows you to adjust the firmness while you're in bed. And the material is thick guage PVC vinyl so you're much less likely to end up sleeping on the floor from a pinprick leak.

Another nice feature Amazon buyers like is the soft mattress topper cover. It holds the memory foam layer in place so that the foam doesn't shift around while you're sleeping.

memory foam air bed, inflatable bed
2011 Intex Super-Soft Velvetaire Flocked Memory Foam Airbed w/ Built-in Remote AC-Pump (Brown)memory foam air bed, inflatable bed
Rating 3.6 out of 5

The motor was improved in 2011. Its much more air-tight and recent reviews reflect that. The memory foam is built into the mattress. So it takes a bit more effort to squash down the memory foam after you've deflated the bed (in less than 3 minutes!). But Amazon buyers say the extra effort is worth it because...they LOVE paying such a low price for such high quality sleep.

One thing, this bed is called a queen size, but is actually closer to a full size bed. That being said, buyers like that it's big enough and sturdy enough for two adults. One buyer says that her cat regularly jumps on the bed and her claws haven't caused any problems yet.

Which Memory Foam Air Bed to Choose? And Why?

So when it comes right down to purchasing a memory foam raised air bed, which should you buy? The 2011 Intex Super-Soft Velvetaire Flocked Memory Foam Airbed w/ Built-in Remote AC-Pump (Brown) definitely is the top choice for a couple of reasons. First, the manufacturer has listened to buyers' concerns about their product and has made necessary changes. The Memory Foam Maniac likes that a lot. Second, it has more recent and positive reviews than the Aero Bed. Third, and what is probably the biggest selling point, the Intex memory foam air bed sells for HALF the price of it's competitor.

Shopping for a memory foam air bed and you want the best value for your money? The Intex memory foam inflatable bed is the recommended selection.

Memory Foam Maniac's Pick: 2011 Intex Super-Soft Velvetaire Flocked Memory Foam Airbed w/ Built-in Remote AC-Pump (Brown)

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