Memory Foam Bed Review Summaries & Mattress comparisions

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Memory foam bed review summaries (fast reading!) and other memory foam reviews. From Tempurpedic to brands you don't know. The best mattress reviews for really tired people who want to sleep like a kitten on a marshmallow cloud.

This page will have quick summaries of all the Maniac favorites, and, yes, reviews of a few that disappointed. The memory foam bed reviews sources are major consumer publications, sleep and shopping forums, and personal evaluations. As such, it is an ongoing work in progress.

Personal Testing
Maniac personal testing will have a major influence on these evaluations. I live in a major metropolitan area with lots of bed stores nearby. I could spend hours trying out mattresses (driving salesmen nuts I'm sure...). I'm not the type to be shy about sharing my opinions about features that contribute nothing to the sleeping experience except a lighter feeling in the wallet.

More Good Stuff
You will also find longer reviews for all the major brands like Tempur-Pedic (sometimes called tempurpedic mattresses), Sealy mattresses, Aerobeds and Novaform in their respective sections on the navigation menu.

In addition to memory foam bed reviews, the Maniac invites you to check out other topics like:

These are just a few of the specialized pages that the Maniac has created to help you through the mattress purchase maze. Just remember that there are valuable information nuggets in each of the sections on this site. So don't be shy. Click around and you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Below you'll find the memory foam bed reviews. The Maniac will be adding to these periodically. Because I am, after all, the Memory Foam Maniac and I find trying out new beds fun. I hope you find these memory foam mattress reviews helpful. Let me know.

The Maniac's Favorites

Tempur-Pedic (tempurpedic mattresses) A night on the Deluxe Bed by Tempur-Pedic is like sleeping kittens on marshmallow clouds. It's the most popular in the Tempur-Pedic line and it deserves it in spite of...

Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress It's a bit softer and less supportive than the Deluxe Bed but lots of people really love this mattress. It has lots of positive online feedback and ...

NovaForm Pure Comfort Deluxe by Sleep Innovations: This is the mattress everyone's getting at Costco. For under $700 you get a decent memory foam mattress formulated to keep you cool but the main drawback is...

Mattress Reviews

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