Memory Foam Mattress Pads And My Night Time Passion


about memory foam mattress padsMemory foam mattress pads?
What kind of wacko loser says their passion is mattress toppers and memory foam mattresses?
And are YOU next?

I'm Nancy Ulrich the editor of, and I used to be so normal. I had a wonderful husband, great family, cats, a decent profession, and a fulfilling social life.

The Mattress Attack
Then, late one night, my mattress stabbed me in the back with a spring. I put up with it. Hey, I had a life, and no time for mattress shopping.

Two months later, I was a sleep-deprived grouch. While we were at the big box store, my husband urged me to try an inner spring mattress between shopping for chicken and laundry soap. By that time I just wanted some sleep. I bought the first mattress I tried. It was cheap. And it didn't try to kill me.

Bad Mattress...Bad!
It took me one night to realize I'd made a big mistake. My arm fell asleep before I did. But I had a life and no time to return that darn mattress. So, the next night I did the same thing, thinking I'd get used to it. By the end of a month I had a sore shoulder. And I realized that the store return period had passed.

I just knew I was doomed to be a zombie with arms that woke up a half an hour after I did. Forever. Or until I could save up enough money to buy another bed.

Sweet Memory Foam Salvation
A couple of weeks later I was putting away the camping gear my husband uses when he volunteers at Boy Scout events. And I spied his memory foam mattress pad. I threw that topper on the bed so fast it was a blur. And that night? Sweet memory foam bliss, I don't remember a thing.

Forward a couple of months, and I'm taking an internet web building course called Site Build It! It takes the technical barriers out of making money on the internet with your passions.

Well, I've got passions. I ran hobbies, church activities, real estate, chocolate, cats, anything I've been interested in past and present through their keyword profit evaluator. But there was too much competition for the phrases I was trying. I guess I'm just too shallow; I don't usually dig deeply into anything. So everything I tried had less than promising numbers.

Then my husband packs up for another Scout trip. And he takes the topper. I didn't think twice about it that day. But that night I was furious. I couldn't sleep. I realized I was hooked on memory foam mattress pads. And I'd found my passion.

Now I'm a Memory Foam Maniac
...mostly after 11:00pm (like I said at the start, I'm really a very normal person). I just happen to love the squishy stuff. I drive my husband nuts researching memory foam mattress pads, toppers and mattresses. Dropping into furniture and mattress stores to try out new beds has become a fun game.

When I do replace my memory foam mattress pad with a memory foam mattress, I know that I'll make the right choice. I know a LOT more than I did when I made that impulse inner spring purchase. And I'm learning more every day.

So poke around and click on the links, or just ask a question or tell me why you love memory foam. Take advantage of my midnight memory foam mattress pad passion and you just may become a memory foam maniac too.

About Me & My Memory Foam Obsession

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