Will A Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Single  Size Work For You?

Memory foam mattress single - Will a twin foam mattress work for you? Avoid cheap memory foam beds regret with brand reviews and mattress size charts.

The memory foam mattress single size, also known as a twin, is the most popular memory bed size partially because it's the smallest adult size and the least expensive.

But this size bed is not for everyone. Read on for buying tips and single bed reviews. Click the links for more information and how to avoid memory foam mattress problems.

Why buy a memory foam mattress single?

Twin mattress size beds typically cost less, they're easier to move and are more compact than other memory bed styles while still able to sleep the average adult fairly comfortably. They are often purchased for or by college students because most dorm beds are single size and university mattresses are usually awful lumpy things.

There are several different configurations including an extra long single (XL) version that is typically purchased for taller college students (over 5 feet 9 inches). The next smaller standard bed size is made for an infant's crib. The next size larger is known as the double or full mattress and its wider than the twin or single bed.

Bed Mattress Sizes Chart For US, UK And EU
Type Of Mattress
United States And Canada Sizes
United Kingdom (UK) Sizes
European Union (EU) Sizes
Single ( Mini)


Single (Twin)
Single XL

Here's a link to a mattress size charts page with all the common sizes both in the US and overseas.

Another common use for a twin foam mattress is as guest beds or replacement mattresses for single sofa sleepers. They're big enough to allow a guest to sleep, but not so big that they'll want to move in permanently! A memory twin size bed is also small enough to allow other furniture in a room. This makes the single ideal for a multiple use room like a home office or craft room and guest bedroom.

Who shouldn't buy a memory foam mattress single?

Are you a broad shouldered football player or just a wider person? You may be happier on a double size memory bed rather than a single.

If you're an adult sleeping as a couple, do NOT buy a twin mattress. I know, from the name, it sounds like there should be room for the two of you. And don't buy the double or full size either, the amount of shoulder space you each get is equal to that of a crib mattress. Trust me; you'll either end up hating your mattress or each other.

If you're a couple and your budget is small, but you still want memory foam mattress comfort you have several alternatives:

  1. Buy a cheap memory foam mattress in queen size that may not last more than a couple of years before it gets lumpy or hard. The gamble here is that the less expensive memory foam beds also have more complaints about odors that do not go away. Make sure that you have read the return policy and can live with the worst case.
  2. Purchase a queen inner spring mattress and put a memory foam bed topper on it.
  3. Buy the memory foam mattress single and sleep in shifts. Now what fun is that?

How much does a memory foam mattress single bed cost?

These beds prices range from under $200 to almost $3,500 for the top of the line Tempurpedic AlluraBed Twin Long. However, almost any single memory foam mattress that costs less than $300 is much more likely to have problems and a worse return policy.

Single or Twin Memory Foam Mattress Reviews:

memory foam mattress single Sleep Innovations 10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress - Twin Size Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. More than 70% of Amazon buyers gave it the highest possible rating.

Buyers rave about how comfortable this memory foam mattress single bed is for the price. It molds to support your body contours faster than old style memory foam. And the new Sure-Temp layer provides cushy comfort that draws away heat and moisture from your body. You sleep deeply in one position without waking up all hot and sweaty.

All Sleep Innovations memory foam is manufactured in the USA to control quality. It meets high safety standards. It has fire retardant built right into the mattress. It's safer because it meets the tough standards of the California Bureau of Home Furnishing Technical Bulletin (TB) 117.

It's also free of known toxins. The memory foam contains no PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ether), formaldehyde, or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). So it won't kill you in your sleep. And isn't that a good thing?

    Features of single:
  • 39 inches x 75 inches x 10 inches high - The standard US twin size makes it easy to find sheets that fit
  • Top 3 inches is made with new Sure-Temp open cell technology which allows air flow. So your bed is not too hot, but just right for comfortable sleep.
  • 7 inch base of high density memory foam provides a firm, yet giving support that prevents back aches.
  • Knit mattress cover
  • 20 year limited warranty

    What happy buyers are saying:
  • "For the price, the benefits of this mattress really can't be beat. "
  • "Haven't had any issues with the sweating of the mattress or heat retention, even in warm Hawaii weather."
  • "It has great support yet, I still feel myself comfortably sink in."
  • "The best marshmallow foamy bed in the world."
  • "If a tight budget is a factor, then click the "Add to Cart" button."

    Buyer Concerns:
  • The mattress cover is not removable. So the Maniac suggests that you treat it like the fabric cover on a traditional innerspring mattress. Put a removable, washable, waterproof cover on it to keep everything clean.

Single Bed Dimensions

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