Memory Foam Mattress Top -
Will A Serta Or Tempurpedic Pad Fix Your Old Mattress?

Considering buying a Memory foam mattress top? Discover if an inexpensive Serta memory foam mattress topper or Tempurpedic mattress pad will fix your lumpy mattress to let you sleep.

That memory foam mattress that you slept on while visiting was so comfortable. And now you can't stop thinking that it would be great to have your own. But money's tight. Could you get a comparably comfortable sleep by buying a memory foam bed pad? Maybe. But there's a few things to consider...

Top Tip #1

First, not all memory foams are the same. If you see a top pad with a cheap price, then it's probably made of lower density memory foam, or it's only a thin layer of memory foam over the top of other cheaper foam products. It will wear quickly and will get lumpy and hard or tear, unlike quality memory foam. A good memory top made with three to five pound density memory foam can last five to eight years and can cost as little as $150, much cheaper than a $1,000+ mattress.

Top Tip #2

You'll get the best results from a mattress pad if your mattress is in reasonably good shape. If your mattress is ancient, and has sagging or dents in it, then a memory foam mattress pad can't make up for it. But if your mattress is basically OK, then you could do quite well with a memory foam top.

Top Tip #3

A good bed top has a lot in common with a quality memory foam mattress. It's going to be thinner, of course, somewhere between two and four inches thick. The larger the person, the thicker the pad should be for comfort. The density of the visco elastic foam should be three to five pounds. The four pound density is most people's favorite for a bed top. For people weighing over 200 lbs, five pound density may be more comfortable.

Top Tip #4

There's another measurement called Indentation Load Deflection - ILD, that's a measure of visco elastic foam's comfort. The ILD should be at least 8 for comfort. ILD measurements from 12 to 15 give most people the feeling that they're melting into the bed, making it the most comfortable for many people. A memory foam mattress top should soften at normal body temperature. That's how it conforms and gives you the perfect support NASA memory foam is known for.

Top Brands

Two popular bed top brands are the Tempurpedic mattress pad and the Serta memory foam mattress top. They come in all of the common mattress sizes The official website has the 3 inch Tempurpedic mattress topper (they call them 'overlays') twin at $532 up to $948 for a California King size. These are the top of the line mattress toppers from the industry leader and will last you many years. And the price reflects this.

The Serta top is a less expensive option, but one which many people have been very happy with. There are two major online choices: The Serta 4-Pound Full Size Mattress Pad and the Serta 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Pad with Contour Pillows which is made from 3 pound memory foam. The 4 inch thick pad is the most popular. It has been reviewed more than 2,300 times on since 2007 and has a 95% recommendation rate. The major complaints have been the usual odors and it being too soft for some.

Memory Foam Maniac's Top Hint

These toppers are made to the bare minimum standard mattress sizes with absolutely no overhang. If your budget allows, buy your Serta memory top one size larger. Then cut it down to your bed size with a serrated knife.

So the bottom line is this: a memory foam mattress top works great if your mattress underneath isn't worn out. If it is, then you're better off getting a whole new mattress.

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