Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review
Sleep Studio Top - 3 Inch With Pillows

memory foam mattress topper review, sleep studio top, sleep studio 3-inch visco2 Sleep Studio 3-inch Visco2 Bed Pad With Pillows
Rated 4.0 out of 5
77% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

What You Get:

  • 3 inch memory foam mattress topper
  • 77 inches x 57 inches x 3 inches
  • 21 pounds weight
  • Two pound density foam
  • 2 memory foam contour pillows
  • Open cell ventilated construction
  • Made from eco-friendly plant based materials
  • Can be shipped to various countries outside US

If you're looking for a pad to soften your bed rather than provide support, the Sleep Studio 3-inch Visco2 is your topper. Buyers of this foam bed pad either love its softness or hate its relative lack of support.

The Maniac's conclusion after reading more than 100 reviews for this pad is that the 3 inches of 2 pound density memory foam is best for providing a soft, pillow like surface if you have a too firm mattress. Don't buy it if you're looking for more support for an aging mattress.

This Sleep Studio top will also keep you cooler than a standard memory foam pad for two reasons. First, the open celled structure and lesser density allow for greater airflow which evaporates moisture from your body. Second, the manufacturer has put additional ventilation holes in the areas where you're likely to spend most of your time asleep. You'll sleep more soundly if you aren't tossing and turning because you're hot and sticky.

The pad is made with plant based visco elastic foam made in the United States. This manufacturing process is cleaner to produce and may account for the fewer number of odor complaints from this inexpensive topper.

The topper is made to fit on top of your mattress, not slop over the edges. So it's just a little smaller than the top of your mattress.

Many comments on this pad mention the two contour pillows. Buyers' opinions of these pillows vary greatly. About half really like them, the other half doesn't. This kind of feedback is normal for contour memory foam pillows.

The good news is that the mattress pad is a good value even without the pillows. So if you discover that the memory foam pillows aren't for you, you can at least sleep soundly knowing that you didn't have to mortgage the house to afford your new pad.

    Memory foam mattress topper review Buyer 'Pro' Remarks:
  • "This particular pad is like sleeping on clouds" (from US soldier deployed in Afghanistan)
  • "Sleeping like I was a kid again."
  • "These are much price friendly than tempurpedic."
  • "My pregnant wife was having hip issues and couldn't sleep without this thing."
    Memory foam mattress topper review Buyer 'Con' Remarks:
  • This topper does not provide as much support as other memory foam toppers. But most buyers do not buy it for the support, but for its ability to soften a too hard mattress.
  • Some report an chemical odor. Most buyers find that it dissipates within a couple of days. Here's the Maniac's standard memory foam mattress topper review disclaimer: Make sure you allow at least a full 24 hours for memory foam expand to its full size before you sleep on or with it.

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Sleep Studio Topper - 3 Inch

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