Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review -2 Inch Visco2 bed pad

Memory foam mattress topper review. Compare the pros and cons of this 2 inch Sleep Studio pad. Should you buy them?

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2.0 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Topper by Sleep Studio
Rated 4.5 out of 5
89% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

What You Get:

  • 2 inch Visco2 memory foam mattress topper
  • 58 inches wide x 78 inches long x 2 inches high
  • Open cell ventilated construction
  • Made from eco-friendly plant based materials

So many college students buy and like this inexpensive memory foam bed pad that the title of this memory foam mattress topper review should be "The College Pad". Buyer comments often mention how they love how it smoothes over the bumps and dips of those nasty dorm beds with a layer of soft comfort.

The manufacturer, Sleep Studio, calls this memory foam topper a mattress 'enhancer'. With only 2 inches of 3 pound density memory foam, this memory foam topper is not going to provide the pressure relieving sleep of a full 10 or 12 inch thick memory foam mattress. However, it is going to soften the feel of a too hard mattress. And if you weigh less than 125, this might be just perfect for you.

It's also not going to last as long as a memory foam mattress. However reviews indicate that it probably will last long enough for you to get your four year degree. And the low price will ensure that you can afford to buy books this semester.

The ViscO2 open cell ventilated memory foam is specially engineered to ventilate heat, unlike a lot of other cheap memory foam toppers. So you won't wake up all hot and sweaty...because of your foam bed pad (the Maniac can't guarantee you'll never wake up this way, your night life is your own business).

Your 2.0" Sleep Studio mattress topper is made from plant based materials rather than petroleum derivatives. As a result there are fewer complaints about odors and is friendlier to the earth. And don't you sleep better knowing that you've made a sound environmental choice?

The mattress pad is made to fit on top of a standard mattress without flopping over the edges. So it's about 2 inches smaller than your mattress on the length and width. This ensures that you can easily find standard sheets to fit your bed plus topper and don't have to spend extra for custom size bedding.

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review Positive Comments:
  • "If going off to college, this is a perfect investment"
  • "A pregnant womans savior..."
  • "It removes the many pressure points we were dealing with"
  • "I gave this five stars for the combination of comfort and price"
    Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review Negative Comments:
  • There weren't very many of these, but most were about the chemical odor that they often give off when new. Most report that it goes away within a couple of days and wasn't a significant long term problem.
  • Let the topper air out and expand for at least 24 hours in a ventilated room. This is standard advice for any memory foam product.

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2 Inch Visco2

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