A $23,000 Memory Foam Pet Bed vs Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed - You Choose

Memory foam pet bed reviews from world's most expensive to bargain priced quality orthopedic dog beds. Here's the best memory foam dog beds for your budget.

The World's Most Expensive
Memory Foam Pet Bed

memory foam pet bed, most expensive dog bedLouis XV Pet Pavilion
Cost: $23,000

For the pet who really deserves to be treated like a king. It's hand crafted from rosewood and mahogany and takes its shape from an 18th century French Commode (cabinet, not a toilet cabinet, which is the 20th century meaning of the word).

This is the creation of David Salmon, a fine furniture maker. And photos of this fabulous 27"W x 35"H x 27"D confection for your pet have been floating around the internet since at least 2006. To get yours contact Pet Pavilions from David Salmon Furniture, 555, Kings Road, London SW6. Tel: 020 7384 2223

Actually the price should be $23,050, because it doesn't come with the memory foam mattress. To kick this bed up a notch and make it the true leader of the luxury pet bed pack add the 27 inch Petmate Orthopaedic Pet Bed You'll have to have your private tailor trim the length a bit from 35 inches down to 27 inches to fit the memory foam pad inside the fabulous wood surround.

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Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed Review and Comparison to Regular Memory Foam Dog Bed

memory foam pet bed, tempurpedic  memory foam pet bed
Tempur Pedic Dog Bed by Orvis
Rated 5.0 out of 5 with only one review.
Cost: Under $300 for the small bed

Deep Dish Therapeutic Memory Foam Dog Bed by Orvis Rated 4.5 out of 5 with more than 120 reviews on the manufacturer's website.
Cost: Under $225 for the small bed

Looking at pictures of these two pet beds by the same manufacturer the obvious question is: Is the only difference the Tempur-Pedic name, and paying at least $75 more?

We at www.Memory-Foam-Maniac.com asked an Orvis representative about the differences on an online chat.

Juliana R (very nice Orvis.com rep): "The only difference between the Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam and the Orvis TEMPUR-PEDIC Deep Dish Dog Bed is the material used for the sleeping area. The TEMPUR-PEDIC is much more firm and supportive than the memory foam. This is also made from the same human grade material that is used for TEMPUR-PEDIC mattresses."

"The regular memory foam is still supportive, it's just softer and springs back faster after weight is removed. The TEMPUR-PEDIC material is made in the US. The memory foam inserts in the (regular) memory foam bed are also made in the US."

So basically the difference between the two memory foam pet beds is that the density and the ILD in the Deep Dish bed is lower. In a bed for humans that often indicates a less durable memory foam that you can 'bottom out' on. In a memory foam dog bed, that would mean the hard floor for your pet.

So the Maniac read ALL of the reviews for the Deep Dish pet bed and came to these conclusions:

    What Buyers Like About the Deep Dish Regular Memory Foam Bed:
  • Even large dogs do not seem to 'hit the floor'. But just to make sure, buy the large bed if you have an extra large pet (Mastiff or Great Dane) so that your pup can stretch out and distribute his weight over a larger area.
  • The bed retains its cushioning and springs back for a long time
  • The cover is durable and easy to wash
  • Few complaints about memory foam odors
  • Pets seem to sleep better and wake more frisky and happy.

Conclusion: Unless you just feel like spending $75 more, buy the Deep Dish Regular Memory Foam Dog Bed.

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So are you going to run out and buy the World's Most Expensive Memory Foam Pet Bed? I didn't think so. But definitely get your pet one of the more reasonably priced memory foam dog beds.

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Memory Foam Pet Beds

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