Here's the most insanely expensive Memory Foam pet bed on the planet

But the best one costs less than $150

This memory foam pet bed review compares the ultimate in canine and feline sleeping luxury with this round bolster model that both your pet and your budget will love. Hard choice, isn't it?

The most expensive memory foam pet bed in the world!

Louis XV Pet Pavilion $23,000

Bow WOW! For the dog (or cat) who is KING. This bed's hand crafted from rosewood and mahogany. It's approximately 27" cubed. Its shape was inspired by an 18th century French commode. By the way, commode is French for "cabinet", not 21st century English slang for a toilet or crapper. 

To get yours contact "Pet Pavilions" from David Salmon Furniture, 555, Kings Road, London SW6. Tel: 020 7384 2223

Louis XV Pet Pavilion Summary. It's guaranteed to impress the neighbors. And at $23,050 it will also bring you one BIG step closer to living out of a dumpster.

Now I'm fairly sure that your dog would not abandon you if you got yourself into dire straits. But why take a chance? Besides, you can give them the best for a LOT less than $23,000.

(Buying from links on this website sometimes adds a bit of cash to my lumpy mattress fund. It doesn't cost you more. And helps me spread sweet dreams everywhere.)

Why is PetFusion Ultimate  orthopedic Dog Bed the best?

There's 3 important reasons to love it.  It's easy to clean, durable and very comfortable.  An overwhelming number of pet parents that have them would buy one again. 

The 2 things they like the least are predictable. And surprisingly, buyers are apologetic for feeling that way. 

And what are buyers' 6 most frequently asked questions about this bed?

top 3 reasons why pet parents love this bed

reason #1:  it's easy to clean

The cover releases hair easily. If you don't want to wash it, you can often give it a quick cleaning with a vacuum to get the hair off. 

But if your pet’s done something truly messy and stinky you’ve got to wash it. Here’s how to do it:

HOW TO WASH THE COVER The cover unzips and is machine or hand washable. The mattress and bolster combination is bulky, but easy to remove from the cover, even for those who have arthritis and not much hand strength. 

The tag says wash cover (unzip to remove) separately on cold and gently. No bleach. Tumble dry low.

SMART TIP: Buy a replacement cover now. That way so you can have one ready to put on the bed immediately when the inevitable spill, spew or pee emergency occurs.

PetFusion Replacement Cover for the Ultimate Dog Lounge
See Prices & Availability at Amazon

 HOW TO WASH THE WATERPROOF LINER Yes, it is washable. But use the delicate cycle and don’t put it in the dryer. 

DON’T WASH THE MEMORY FOAM The bed mattress (memory foam cushion) and bolster padding are NOT washable. Only the outer covers can be washed.

reason to love it #2: It’s Sturdy and Durable

Quality Cover Construction The cover holds up well and won't fray on its own. The seams are well constructed and sturdy.

It’s water and tear resistant. The fabric is a heavy twill. Twill is the same weave that your jeans are probably made with. It has distinctive diagonal lines known as wales. The interlaced fiber weave pattern is extremely durable for its weight. It resists tearing and recovers from wrinkles much better than traditional plain weave fabrics.

NOTE: ‘Tear resistant’ doesn’t mean that a dog can’t tear it apart. The manufacturers don't recommend it for dogs that are teething or dogs that vigorously scratch at their beds before they lie down. They say that sometimes chewing and digging behavior can be reduced by covering the bed with your dog's favorite blanket or one that has your scent on it. But it doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes a dog just likes to tear things apart. 

If you’ve got a heavy, persistent chewer you may be happier with the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed.

The Bolster Stays Fluffy. Buyers say that the bolster polyester fiberfill retains its shape and bounce-back even after long use by heavy heads.

Bed Doesn’t ‘Bottom out’ or Flatten. The orthopedic memory foam cushion retains its shape and doesn't lose its loft over time. The manufacturer states that their 'lounge' is good for dogs that weigh up to 200 pounds. One lady commented that both of her 100+ pound dogs share one and there's not been even a dimple in it in over 3 months. 

Sturdy construction of the Petfusion Ultimate bed cover. Includes pocketed zippers to reduce the temptation for a dog to chew.

Tough, Hidden Zippers Zippers are the weakest point of most dog beds. Dogs love to grab the tags and pull and chew. The ones on this bed are comparable in weight and construction to those on a child's coat. They have plastic teeth and a metal pull tab.

The best feature is that they’re hidden within a casing that opens at the bottom. Also, the zippers are on the sides and the back instead of on the front of the bed. Your dog would have to reach over the bolster or get out of bed to tug at the zipper. And you know that what your dog doesn't see or feel, he won't grab and bite.

REASON TO LOVE IT #3: it's comfortable

Even people like the way it feels! It’s cushioned with high density quality memory foam. It won’t ‘bottom out,’ even under your massive Mastiff. Pet parents like that  this orthopedic mattress protects sore or aching joints in their aging companions. The bolster acts like a built-in pillow. Several owners of the largest models said that they’ve actually slept on it. They conclude that it's like a Tempurpedic mattress for your pet.

Buyers are pleased with the human-quality construction of this orthopedic pet bed. It has 4 main parts:

COVER The cover certified as 'skin contact safe' according to European REACH safety standards. The fabric content is 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill. That’s a good fiber combination that maximizes softness while minimizing laundry shrinkage. 

The cover has separate zippered compartments for the tube-shaped bolster pillow and the foam mattress.

There’s a skid-proof layer on the bottom. This prevents keeps the bed from skidding backwards when your pet launches itself out of the bed to greet you when you come home from work. It is part of the cover and cannot be removed. It does fine in the clothes washing machine and the dryer. 

WATERPROOF MATTRESS LAYER Under the fabric cover is a white removable waterproof layer that covers the memory foam mattress. This liner adds an additional layer of defense and keeps the solid memory foam base dry. That keeps the bed from stinking or getting moldy. 

BOLSTER CUSHION The tubular bolster cushion is vinyl generously stuffed with recycled polyester fill. It stands about 5" above the bed and is approximately six inches wide. The bolster does not have a waterproof cover. But the vinyl outer casing is usually enough to keep the inner fill from getting wet if your dog or cat has an accident.

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS The mattress bed is made of one piece of dense orthopedic memory foam. It's 4 inches thick so your dog won't 'bottom out'. That makes it good for animals with older joints or hip dysplasia

Some people have gotten their bed from Amazon and thought that the memory foam wasn’t included. It usually is. But it looks like a very lumpy, hard piece of black plastic. You need to remove the dark wrapping (tear it carefully, no sharp knives!). Then it will expand. 

what do buyers like the least about this bed?

THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINT from buyers is that they'd like more colors. They don't go with people's interior color schemes. This memory foam pet bed's only available in Slate Gray, Chocolate Brown and Sandstone. 

AND INEVITABLY, A few said that they would like if it cost less. But almost all of them agreed that this round bolster sleeper is of such high quality that they can understand why it costs a bit more than other pet beds. Some even said that they felt a bit guilty for wanting this memory foam pet bed to be cheaper. 

The 6 most common questions about this memory foam pet bed are:


It can be confusing. This bed comes in 4 different sizes, from house cat sized to Great Dane massive:

  • Small (20"x25")
  • Large (28"x36")
  • X-Large (34"x44")
  • XXL Jumbo (40"x50")

My page on how to fit a dog bed will make your decision easy. 


Q3 - IS IT OK FOR OUTDOOR USE? Yes. But the bed needs to be kept under shelter and cannot lie directly on concrete, dirt or grass surfaces. 

Q4 - HOW CAN I PURCHASE AN EXTRA WATERPROOF LINER? Answer: Buy a baby crib mattress waterproof zippered cover. Just make sure to check the dimensions first. 

Q5 - WILL IT TRAP HEAT? Like most dense memory foam it will. But the cover material is a smooth, breathable fabric. It's not a fuzzy or fleecy surface. It depends upon whether your dog is a warm sleeper or not. Some buyers from Texas, Florida and Arizona said that their dogs love it. Others said that their dogs prefer cooler temperatures and will sleep on tiled floors instead of this comfortable bed. 

For those dogs that prefer a more fuzzy sleeping surface, there’s an extra plush one available. The surface has a furry texture with about a 3/4” nap. But it only comes with the Sandstone colored model. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Sandstone plush model only comes in the Large size (36" x 28").


The bolster comes pre-loaded into the fabric cover. Take the plastic off of the memory foam. Insert the mattress into the cover and zip shut. Let the bed expand for at least 3 hours before you let your pet try it out. 

So are you going to run out and buy the World's Most Expensive Memory Foam Pet Bed? I didn't think so. But definitely get your pet PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. The neighbors will be impressed at how smart you are by buying such a quality dog bed at such a great price. 

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Memory Foam Pet Beds

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