can a  memory foam bed reading pillow help severe gerd?

A memory foam wedge pillow can help nighttime heartburn. Which bed reading pillows can provide relief from severe GERD?

Severe heartburn, called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is sometimes bad enough to require medication or even surgery. Over 40 million people in the United States have some form of this problem.

One popular measure that many severe GERD sufferers take is to get foam wedge pillows for their bed. This allows you to take advantage of gravity to help keep your stomach acids where they belong. It isn't usually good to prop yourself up on regular pillows, however, because they cause you to bend at the waist, which can increase gastric pressure.

A memory foam wedge pillow can be found in retail stores and online. They come in a range of prices, depending on size, density of the foam, and whether they come with extras, such as memory wedge leg pillows or neck rolls.

Where To Buy a Memory Wedge Pillow?

memory foam wedge pillow has a multi-functional memory foam wedge set with 5 pieces that's made to support the upper torso, and a wedge for legs promoting better digestion and breathing during sleep. It is a good non-drug treatment for acid reflux as well as other nighttime symptoms like snoring and sleep apnea. The wedge pillow set comes with tan or blue microfiber pillow covers. It measures 24W x 24.25D X 9.5H (at maximum height of memory wedge pillow) inches and sells for about $460.

The website sells a memory foam wedge with cover that has an outer layer of visco elastic memory foam that conforms to each individual's shape. Measuring 25W x 24D x 12H (maximum height of memory wedge pillow) inches, this wedge pillow is another example of a memory foam wedge pillow that can be used to help address severe GERD. It comes with a wedge cover that has a zipper closure. It retails for about $60.

Severe GERD often requires prescription medications to control, but other supportive measures can help relieve the symptoms as well. A memory foam wedge pillow is not only comfortable and luxurious; it can also help those who suffer from acid reflux to take advantage of gravity to keep reflux under control.

Wedge Pillow for GERD

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