Is a Queen Mattress Size Good for You?
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The queen mattress size isn't for everyone. When does buying a queen mattress set make sense? Which one's the best? How much will you pay?

The queen size mattress is the most popular style bed sold for several reasons. They fit easily into a standard 10' x 10' bedroom and allow plenty of space to walk to the bathroom without tripping on the sheets.

Queens are Great for Twosomes

If you sleep with someone, do not consider buying anything smaller than a queen memory foam mattress. You just won't be happy. If you have to, buy an inner spring mattress and a queen size mattress pad as a cheaper alternative to the smaller full size expensive memory foam mattress.

A queen mattress size is usually perfect for two people of average build. These measure approximately 60 x 80 inches, while full sized beds measure 54 x 75 inches, meaning that the queen bed provides an extra 750 square inches of sleeping space.

Don't Be Deceived by the Word "Double"

Full-sized mattresses may be called "double" but they're really only ideal for single sleepers. Sharing a double bed actually gives a sleeper less room than if each were sleeping in a twin bed.

The Downside of a Queen Bed

You'll pay more. But the difference isn't that great - 10 to 20% is the usual difference in price between comparable full and queen size beds. The bed linens and blankets are more expensive for a queen mattress size than for full, but again, the increase in price is not usually dramatic.

How much you pay for a queen memory foam mattress depends on several factors, one of which is how thick it is. A queen size memory foam bed that's 8 inches thick will cost a hundred dollars or so less than one that is 11 inches thick. Generally, these beds run $500 to $1,000. Full size beds will be more like $400 to $900.

Want the best queen size memory foam mattress? A Tempur-Pedic queen size mattress costs between $2,000 for the firmer Tempur-Flex Prima up to $7,500 for the to-die-for soft comfort of the aptly named TEMPUR-Pedic Grandbed. That's a bed truly fit for royalty!

If you have a full size bed and it's about time to change your sleeping furniture, why not consider replacing it with a queen sized bed? Even if you sleep alone, a queen mattress will give you some welcome extra sprawl room, and if you should become part of a couple in the future, you'll already have the right size bed for sleeping together.

Queen sized mattresses are the most popular size mattresses because they often fit bedrooms and your sleep comfort so well.

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