Queen Size Bed Dimensions and
A Queen Bed Frame to Fit

Queen size bed dimensions mattress size charts help you save on buying the right queen bed frame for your queen memory foam mattress.

If you're ordering your bed online or purchasing your bed components separately you'll save money and time by remembering that a bed's dimensions (or size) are not the same as the queen mattress size on top of it. A bed is not just a mattress; you have to add the size of the bed frame that will support queen size mattress dimensions. So when you're measuring for your new bed, be sure to include the frame's dimensions as well.

Queen Mattress Dimensions

Queen size dimensions are fairly standardized, depending upon where you live. In the chart below you can see how much room you'll need just for the mattress dimensions. Here's mattress size charts with king size bed dimensions and all of the rest of the standardized sizes in inches and in cm. One of the dimensions not included is the mattress height size. That can vary from 6 to 14 inches, from model to model and is not standardized at all.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions Mattress Size Chart For US, UK And EU
Type Of Mattress
United States And Canada Dimensions
United Kingdom (UK) Sizes
European Union (EU) Sizes
Queen Dimensions
60 x 80 inches
154 x 203 cm
Referred to as a "King"
60 x 78 inches
150 x 200 cm
63 x 78.7 inches
160 x 200 cm
Olympic Queen Dimensions
(Novelty size available in select brands)
66 x 80 inches
168 x 203 cm

California Queen Dimensions
(Size becoming obsolete)
60 x 84 inches
152 x 213 cm

Quality memory foam mattresses in queen size bed dimensions

You can get a queen memory foam mattress in a wide range of prices. But avoid buying a cheap mattress of any size. Don't bother with queen dimensions visco foam mattresses under $400. They could be made with sand for all you know. Here's links to information on quality memory foam beds in queen mattress size.

Choose a Queen Bed Frame for Your Memory Foam Mattress

Bed frame sizes dimensions aren't standardized. Measurements of one queen bed frame can differ from another by inches or feet, or even meters if you include built in headboards and nightstands. It just depends on how elaborate the bed frame is. Remember that queen size memory foam mattresses can weigh 100 pounds or more so you want great support.

queen size bed dimensions, bed frame, queen, queen size bed frame, memory foam mattressesBedframes come in all price ranges as well. But if you're getting a heavy mattress like a visco memory foam or natural latex memory foam bed, you don't want a cheap one. A sturdy queen size bed dimensions frame under $175 (check the link for frequent sales and free shipping deals!) is the HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame - Queen Size You can hide lots of stuff underneath. The manufacturer says that it supports up to 2400 pounds. So (just speculating here) with its 12 legs, it can handle the weight of you, your partner, the queen mattress, pillows, bedding, dogs, cats and kids who come jumping on the bed in the morning.

Queen Dimensions

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