A Queen Size Bed Frame Under $100?

Is getting a queen size bed frame cheap important to you? What are the 3 best budget queen bed frames options? Plus queen size bed dimensions information.

There are 3 different options when you're looking for a new queen bed frame under $100. The first is for those that have an existing box spring foundation with an inner spring mattress.

The next alternative is for people who do not have a box foundation or are purchasing a latex or memory foam mattress. Both of these frames are constructed of black coated steel. They're not very stylish.

The third option is the most creative choice which can be used for almost all mattress types and is extremely chic and expensive looking.

But first a word or two about the size of a queen frame. They are made to support a queen size bed dimensions mattress which is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. If you don't know if this will be big enough for you check out these mattress size charts. A queen size mattress frame should either have 6 legs and a center support or be a platform style bed.

If you sleep with a partner, are taller or bigger than average and have the square footage in your bedroom, you'll probably be happier with a king size bed frame which is significantly larger.

The Least Expensive Queen Size Bed Frame

If you already have a box spring foundation and an inner spring mattress, a simple metal queen frame with wheels will work for you. Here's a popular, sturdy, long lasting 6 legged frame that won't bust your budget. If you have a latex or memory foam mattress, you'll need more support. Skip down to the platform bed frame.

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STRUCTURES by Malouf- Rated 4.2 out of 5. 69% of buyers give these queen bed frames the highest rating possible.

The best thing about this queen size bed frame is that it's adjustable from twin up to California King. It changes with your needs and sleeping arrangements and it's durable enough to last you from college through retirement. That's huge money saver!
Also, if you've got a non-standard size mattress you can customize it to your bed size.

Buyers talk about the assembly being easy, almost foolproof. One said it took only 10 minutes to set up.

This queen size frame is sturdy. The center bar and six strong legs ensure that your box spring won't flex and wear out quickly or come crashing down to disturb your sleep. And it has brackets where you can easily attach the headboard of your choice.

The few complaints are mostly from buyers with the largest size beds. Some of those with king size or cal king beds have said that the center bar has sheared or twisted. If you decide to upgrade from a queen size to a larger bed, a piece of plywood screwed a couple of times into the frame provides cheap insurance against any frame flexing.

Buy STRUCTURES by Malouf for much less than $100 here.

Save Money If You Don't Have a Box Spring Foundation

queen size bed frame, queen size bedroom sets, queen size mattresses 14 Inch HiRise Folding Metal Platform Bed Base by Malouf
Rated 4.5 out of 5

Even though this queen size bed frame costs almost twice as much as the first one we discussed, it's the one to buy if you are starting from scratch or if you have a latex or memory foam mattress that needs to be kept flat. You don't need a box spring or foundation with this frame.

And since a cheap queen size box spring starts at $200, you save a hundred dollars right there.

Box springs are also somewhere that bed bugs hide. So if you don't have one, that's one less place for them to breed.

The 13 inch under bed clearance has room for these roll away underbed storage drawers to keep your bedroom lookig neat and organized. It's even high enough to crawl underneath and grab the cat if you have to.

Easy to assemble, many buyers put this queen size piece together in 15 minutes or less. But the packing box is heavy, 51 pounds. So get someone to help you move it.

The manufacturer claims this 12 legged, black anodized coated queen size steel frame firmly holds 2,500 pounds. That is a little more than:

  • 500 lbs - Two 250 pound adults
  • 100 lbs - Queen Size memory foam mattress
  •   50 lbs - Sheets, pillowcases and 2 memory foam pillows
  •   80 lbs - One big Labrador dog
  • 180 lbs - Three children under 4 years old
  • 200 lbs - One more 4 year old bouncing on bed
  • 545 lbs - One Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle
  • 105 lbs - Lady Gaga playing...
  • 700 lbs - One grand piano
  •   And ...
  •  13 lbs - One very nervous cat

Do not try this at home! But you get the point; this is one sturdy queen frame for a great price. This unit does not come with any way to screw in the headboard. So order the optional headboard bracket set if you need them. They're an inexpensive addition at about $20.

Click to buy the 14 Inch Flex Form Metal Platform Bed Frame for about $100.

A New Designer Style Wood Queen Size Bed Frame for Under $100?

So what do you do when you've only got a hundred bucks to spend but you want a stylish wood queen size bed frame? You could always haunt the second hand stores or garage sales. But what if you want a new one?

Well...why don't you just build it?

Don't click away just yet, hear me out. You think that you were born with ten thumbs? No problem - You can really build it yourself with Woodworking4Home Plans.

It's a set of bed plans with step-by-step guides that were assembled by a guy who understands where you're coming from. You don't have to be experienced. And you don't need a lot of skill or fancy tools to build a frame queen size. Everything is explained so that even a beginner can do it.

Have you tried and failed before? The creator of the package has too, many times. And he knows just how frustrating woodworking can be. You've checked the measurements again and again. But the pieces just doesn't come out the right size! That's why he took great care to make the plans easy to use.

With this package you can make just about any type or size bed frame, plans include:

  • Woodworking plans for platform beds
  • Storage bed plans
  • Murphy bed plans
  • Trundle bed plans
  • Even bunk bed plans for the kids

queen size bed frame
Just imagine, you can have the beautiful queen size bed frame you always wanted at a price you only dreamed of.

In addition you also get 14,000 more great money saving woodworking plans from sheds to cribs. You won't have to buy another wood working plan...ever.

So click on Woodworking4Home Plans if you want to save a pile of money or just want to create a queen size bed frame you'll enjoy every night.

Budget Queen Size Bed Frames

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