Queen Size Mattress Dimensions
A Reader Finds Marital Bliss In A Tempur-Pedic Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattress dimensions can improve your sleep quality - and your marriage. Is a Tempur-Pedic queen size mattress better than therapy?

How Patty saved her marriage...and found that size really does matter!

Queen size mattress dimensions matter. I found out the hard way! Like most people, I have a busy life. Balancing work and family was a large chore and comparing mattress sizes was not a priority. Money was. So my spouse and I bought a double or full size mattress. We figured the name 'double' indicated that it was big enough for two. Unfortunately, our purchase and bed dimensions choice would come back to haunt us.

A Double is No Good For A Couple

After reading about mattress sizes and looking at mattress size charts on this site I found out that part of the problem was buying a bed with dimensions that are too small. Even sleeping alone, a full size mattress is unlikely to be big enough for two. At only 53 inches wide, they are not much bigger than twin beds. These mattresses are best suited to those who are 5 feet 5 inches tall or shorter. Taller individuals, those who tend to move around a lot during the night and those with larger frames will want to choose queen size mattress dimensions for better comfort.

Queen Size Mattress Size

Queen size beds dimensions are 60 inches wide and around 80 inches long. Allowing couples to lie together and still maintain some personal space. Its comfort level has made it the most popular choice for mattress sizes among couples. A wider queen size bed has also been developed. Called the Olympic Queen, this mattress is 6 inches longer than standard Queen dimensions.

Best Rated Queen Memory Foam Bed

Armed with this information I decided to research Tempur-Pedic queen dimensions bed prices. The ClassicBeds cost about $1,700. And the highly recommended DeluxeBed was around $2,300. Adding on a foundation was about $400. It was more than we really wanted to spend. But after checking around I found that Tempur-Pedic was Consumer Reports best rated mattress in 2009. That helped us make the decision to buy one. . . the DeluxeBed.

Comparing our old full size bed to our new memory foam queen size mattress dimensions is like moving up from a junk car to a luxury model. I can turn over without elbowing my husband! We wake without aches. And my husband's turned back into the relaxed, funny guy that I married.

The quality, durability and peace of getting a sound night's sleep are worth the price. Just because I learned my lesson the hard way, doesn't mean you have too. Take my advice! Look into the right mattress dimensions and invest in memory foam for a superior night's sleep.

Queen Mattress Dimensions

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