Your RV Mattress -
A Camper Mattress Replacement
3 Point Checklist

Need a RV mattress replacement? What's a short queen mattress size? How do you buy a budget custom size mattress? Will a RV foam mattress topper work? You'll find the answers here.

What are the 3 most important things to check before you buy a camper mattress?

What's Your Budget?

What Mattress Sizes Work?

What Do You Sleep On At Home?

It's ironic that new coaches that cost $100,000 or more can come equipped with such cheap beds. And if you buy a used RV the situation can be even worse. Don't hesitate to throw out that old mattress, especially if it is an inner spring bed. It may be harboring bed bugs. Just get rid of it.

What's Your RV Mattress Budget?

Can you afford to get a top of the line Sleep Number or Tempurpedic mattress for your RV? These beds are spectacularly comfortable, but their prices are pretty special too. Expect to spend at least $1,400 for one of these.

RV Bed Idea for Under $300

If your camper mattress doesn't sag or have springs poking you, consider replacing your mattress at a later date. Get a memory foam topper. They'll instantly improve your sleep by adding a plush support layer to what may be a too hard bed.

rv mattress, rv mattress topper
3-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Rated 4.5 out of a possible 5

71% of buyers thought it deserved the highest possible rating. Many said that it made their old beds feel 'cloud-like'.

If your camper mattress is no longer usable and your cash is tight, consider a well rated RV air mattress with a memory foam topper. This Queen Aerobed Inflatable Mattress has a lot of good reviews. Many buyers are coming back to purchase them for a second time. Air mattresses have an uneven reputation, but part of the problem lies with how people use them. Make sure you read the Maniac's guide to testing your air mattress if you're planning on buying an air bed.

RV Mattress Options For Under $1000

You can't get a camper mattress just anywhere. Because of the limited space in a motor home, camper beds are a specialty item. Two places to find your new RV mattress are at the RV bed page on and You can find great deals at both places.

rv mattress, sleep comfort
Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed for Half Off

Yes, there is a way to pay half for a Sleep Number bed. Just don't get the 'numbers'. This is the same bed that you'd pay $1,400 or more for. But you don't get the digital remote that lets you select and store the exact firmness 'number' that you're comfortable with.

Check for Camping World coupons and Camping World coupon codes and shipping deals at

rv mattress, memory foam mattress, rv foam mattress
RV Mattress 8" Memory Foam Short Queen
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Buyers call it the ideal replacement RV mattess. No bottoming out. No springs poking you in the back. Just plush, supportive sleep.

Which RV Mattress Sizes Will Work For You?

There are no standard RV bed sizes, but many are the short Queen mattress size. A typical queen size bed is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The short queen is usually 60" wide x 74" or 75" long. Here's a mattress size chart to help you if you're curious about how the short queen compares to other bed dimensions.

Some motor coaches will require a custom size mattress. There's two ways to go about this. First, you can have a custom size made for you. But like any custom item, they will cost you more. Rocky Mountain Mattress will take your measurements and create a unique bed for your RV.

The second way to get a custom size mattress is to buy a well rated memory foam bed and cut it to size yourself! A serrated bread knife will do the job just fine. Warning: This WILL void your warranty. Make sure you test the bed to make sure you like it before performing this surgery. Do not do this on beds that have specially manufactured raised edges unless you can live without the raised edge on the cut side(s).

To customize the size of a memory foam bed, remove the knitted cover that comes with the bed. When you're finished trimming your mattress to fit, set it on the platform and put a good waterproof mattress cover over it. You may have to use a sewing machine to alter the cover to make it fit. Use these super sheet grippers to hold the cover in place.

rv mattress, memory foam mattress
Sleep Innovations 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - Queen Size
Rated 4.6 out of 5 possible
76% of buyers gave it the highest rating possible.

If you want to customize your own memory foam rv bed, this one is probably your best choice. It's one of the most popular choices from our best mattresses page. The price is insanely low for such a highly rated bed. Look for free shipping deals when you order.

What Do You Sleep on at Home?

So many people overlook this obvious hint as to the type of RV mattress that they should buy. If you like your bed at home, maybe you should get another of the same brand to fit the space in your motor coach? Experimenting with different mattress types can get expensive, because most RVs can't accommodate standard size home mattresses.

If you do decide to try another type in your RV, make sure that you carefully read the return policy for any bed you buy. This is especially important if it's an unusual or custom size.

If you are thinking of buying an RV foam mattress and you sleep on an inner spring bed now, purchase a 3 inch memory foam topper first. This will let you try out the feel before you go all out and order a specially designed visco elastic foam bed for touring.

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So that's your simple 3 point checklist for buying the best camper mattress. If you've found a great bed for your rig, share your story in the comments below and help other visitors to this site make a better choice when they want to buy an RV mattress.

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