What Sealy Mattress Reviews Say About Sealy Memory Foam And Their Other beds

Why are Sealy mattress reviews consistently good? Is Sealy memory foam a new classic in the luxury mattress category?

A survey of internet Sealy buyer comments reveals that those who think that that great sleep quality is necessary for optimum performance in life really like their beds. Sealy memory foam is rapidly gaining a reputation as a revolutionary sleep medium, providing value, comfort and rest.

And you can count on a Sealy mattress to keep up with the latest technology. Latex core, memory foam, and the latest in coil mattresses are all made with the company's attention to high quality in materials and manufacturing.

Sealy offers several top quality lines of mattresses, including the PosturPedic, SpringFree, PurEmbrace, TrueForm and Comfort lines.

Sealy Mattress Categories
The Sealy PosturePedic mattress has topped Sealy mattress reviews for decades. The most well-known line of Sealy mattresses, the PosturePedic is continuously coiled to align the body, and is known as a good choice for heavier people. They come in a variety of comfort choices and in all mattress sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king.

Sealy SpringFree mattresses shine among Sealy mattress reviews, with their latex core that conforms to each sleeper's individual shape. The latex core is topped with latex comfort materials of different densities to address different preferences. As a bonus, the materials repel dust mites and are anti-microbial. The Shock Abzzorber Plus box spring makes the SpringFree mattress even more comfortable.

Reviewers are also very kind to the PurEmbrace line of mattresses. Sealy's most advanced offering, it uses Smart Latex for the ultimate in pressure relief, support, and comfort. Not only that, Smart Latex is hypoallergenic and "breathes," to keep the sleeper cooler during the night.

For those who have discovered NASA memory foam, the Sealy TrueForm mattresses are like a dream come true. They combine the comfort of the PosturePedic line with the extra benefits of memory foam. Sealy memory foam has experienced a surge in popularity because of its ability to distribute weight across the mattress surface and to dissipate heat, keeping the sleeper comfortable.

And no Sealy bed list would be complete without the Comfort series, which offers memory foam and a poly core at a lower price range than the top Sealy lines. This series has corner support modules that maintains the shape of the mattress far longer than others in the same price range.

Sealy Mattress Warranties
Warranties on mattresses purchased after June 2003 have replacement periods ranging from one to ten years, and additional limited warranty coverage for periods from one to 10 more years. The length of the warranty depends on the specific mattress model. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and requires a receipt, and the law label from the mattress. There are other warranty stipulations that vary from model to model.

Sealy mattress reviews have consistently shown that customers are very satisfied with their purchase. With the broad range of mattresses Sealy makes, it's easy to find one that will make the hours you spend sleeping the most comfortable and restful ever.

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