Which Serta Memory Foam Mattress Models Top The Online Reviews?

Put Serta memory foam mattress confusion to rest. Here's the 3 most popular reviewed with buyer ratings, including the newer gel mattress models.

Serta is one of the US name-brand mattress companies with many different models advertised online, including a range of Serta mattress pads. But only a few can really be called memory foam mattresses. Some of the mattresses are only available as closeouts. And one of them is a memory foam dog bed.

    Other Serta beds you're likely to find online:
  • Serta Realisation - Closeouts
  • Serta Vera Wang Memory Foam Mattress - Great bed. You pay for the designer name. Fewer reviews because they're expensive.
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper - Primarily an inner spring mattress. Some models have a layer of memory foam as a comfort layer.
  • Serta Perfect Day - Also an inner spring mattress.
  • Serta True Response - great bed. Killer price, too small for you. Yep. This one's the dog bed.

It's also difficult to keep all the different types of foam used in Serta memory foam mattress beds straight. The Memory Foam Maniac has counted 8 different types. To keep yourself from getting confused, check out our easy Serta memory foam chart to find out which ones are used in the model that you're interested in.

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Serta 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.3 out of 5
61% of reviewing buyers gave it a perfect rating.

Don't be disturbed that there's few reviews for Serta memory foam mattress gel models. They were introduced in early 2011 and there hasn't been time to build up hundreds of reviews. But the Maniac did find 20 from various vendors in Sept 2011. That's enough to see a definite trend.

Buyers say that this is a firm, evenly supportive mattress that provides classic memory foam pressure relief with no heat retention problems. One lady tested her new 12 inch gel Serta memory foam mattress with a laptop that overheats. She only found one hot spot, and that was directly under the hot battery.

A big positive with this bed is that there's minimal 'new memory foam' smell. Most buyers report that the smell is gone between a half an hour and two days of unpacking the bed.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Great for side sleepers! A full 5 inches of comfort layers (2.5 inches of gel)
  • Gel foam keeps you cool
  • Minimal odors that go away quickly
  • Waking with no pain in either the back or the wallet!

This is a newer bed, but I've seen introductory sales at this link,Serta 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, for up to 40% off. Look for free shipping options there also!

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serta memory foam mattress, gel mattress, memory foam mattress
Serta 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
60% of buyers who left reviews give it the highest possible rating.

Don't let the small number of reviews discourage you from buying this gel style Serta memory foam mattress. It was only introduced in 2011. But the buyer feedback is very promising.

Buyers think that this 10 inch gel bed is very comfortable for the price. It's a slightly more firm bed than the Serta 12 inch Gel memory foam mattress. That's because there's 3 total inches of gel and egg-crate texture comfort layers in this bed and 5 inches total in the 12 inch model. If you tend to like softer beds, buy the 12 inch model for the extra cushioning.

One of the common complaints about first generation memory foam was that it trapped your body heat. It looks like Serta has solved that problem with the gel beds. Most people find that they stay at a comfortable temperature even though they are lying in one spot for far longer than they were with their previous bed.

One of the common comments about this bed is that the delivery package is almost scary small. And the weight is far more than you'd expect. Do yourself a favor, have someone help you move the box into the bedroom.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Best for back sleepers. Firm feel (3 inches of comfort layers, 1.5 inches gel)
  • It's not too high, you can reach the floor with your toes
  • Doesn't overheat you
  • Fewer aches and pains after waking.
  • Good mattress for the money

Even though its a fairly new bed, the Maniac has seen sale prices at this link Serta 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Saw a 43% off offer! Also check for free shipping.

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serta memory foam mattress, gel mattress, memory foam mattress
Serta 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.6 out of 5
77% of reviewing buyers gave it the highest rating.

This is a quality classic style memory foam mattress. It has minimal out-gassing and odor. Many people buy this Serta memory foam mattress for a child or guest bedroom because its so inexpensive and it is rated well. They've then found themselves 'borrowing' it permanently for the master bedroom after trying it out for just one night.

In this era of 10, 12 and up to even 18 inch mattresses, you might think that an 8 inch mattress is too thin. Don't worry that you might bottom out if you're a big person. This mattress will support you even if you're football player sized.

Some limitations of this bed are that the cover is not removable for cleaning, so get a quality washable mattress cover to prevent accidents. And the bed only comes in Queen and Full sizes. Of course the big drawback is that this is a non-returnable Overstock item.

    What Buyers Like:
  • Firm at first, then you sort of melt into it!
  • 20 year guarantee not to sag more than 1.5 inches
  • Eases sore joints
  • The price is very attractive

Check this link ( Serta 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress) for sales prices. Also check for $2.50 shipping!

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