18 Top Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress Questions Answered by 4,237 Previous Buyers

Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress 12 inch best price and reviews

Is the Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam bed firm enough to prevent sleep problems? How about heat retention, odors and affordability of this wildly popular Amazon/Walmart unit? Read this article and save yourself a lot of time researching. Why? 

Because I did something really obsessive before I wrote this. I read all 4,237 Memoir Amazon reviews on this model since its introduction in Oct 2012. And I noted their comments for 13 different criteria and summarized them for you below. It took me 5 days. Enjoy! Now I'm going for a LONG nap...


Signature memoir Mattress Review Summary

Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress best price

You've got an 86% chance of feeling that this an amazingly good bed for the money. It has a stellar track record of over 4,200 reviews - definitely the most popular memory foam mattress sold on Amazon.

But if your order it and have doubts about it being too soft, or not supportive, take advantage of the Walmart or Amazon return policy immediately. Because the 'softies' are the ones who tend to be most unhappy with this purchase. ~ FAQ List

What do Buyers Like Most About It?

69% of buyers (out of 4,237+ reviews) gave the Signature Sleep Memoir the highest possible ratings. The most common positive comment was some variation on 'Can't believe how good a bed this is for the money!' More than 25% of all reviews mentioned this in some way.

Particularly good for back and side sleepers. 78% of those who mentioned a particular sleeping style chose these two.

Overall, people said that it was good for everyday use. And they noticed fewer back and joint pains because of lengthened, deeper nigh-time rest.  ~ FAQ List

The Most Common Complaints?

5% of those leaving reviews gave the Signature Sleep the lowest possible rating because:

  • It was too hard - 46% of the lowest ratings
  • Larger, higher BMI people find that this bed does not support them over the long run. 
  • 11% of the most unhappy buyers reported sagging
  • Stomach sleepers liked it the least
  • Too soft - 15% of the most dissatisfied buyers thought that the mattress was too soft right at the first use. They were most likely to want to return it. ~ FAQ List

What Type of Mattress is the Dorel Industries Memoir?

CertiPUR United States Certification for Safe Foam

This is a two layer memory foam/high density foam composite construction covered with a knitted zip cover. It is made in China by Dorel Industries (http://www.dorel.com/eng/ ) with foams that have the CertiPUR - US certification (http://certipur.us/).

CertiPUR is a not-for-profit independent group who's mission is to certify the safety of flexible polyurethane bedding and upholstery foam. That means that even though this bed is made with foams from China it meets US indoor air quality emission standards and does not contain other chemicals prohibited from being used in beds in the United States. ~ FAQ List

What's the firmness of the signature sleep memory foam bed?

This is a medium to firm mattress. Of those that explicitly stated the firmness in their review:

  • 54% rated Firm
  • 26% said Firm, but Conforming well once warmed by your body heat
  • 9% stated it was Medium Firm
  • 8% rated it Soft

In 15 answered questions where buyers gave a firmness rating from soft = 1 to concrete hard = 10 the average was 7.3.  ~ FAQ List

Will the Mattress Become Hot While I’m Sleeping?

When memory foam was introduced about 20 years ago it definitely trapped body heat. Things have changed a lot since. Only about 10% of Memoir reviews mentioned the issue of heat retention. Of these:

  • 14% said that they noticed no difference between their old bed and this new one. 
  • 71% stated that the bed was slightly warmer, but not a problem for them.
  • 13% said that this was a significant issue

~ FAQ List

Does a memoir Memory Foam Mattress Smell When New?

There's almost always some scent associated with new memory foam. The question is whether it is noticeable, irritating and long lasting. Only 12.5% commenting buyers mentioned odors. Out of these: 

  • 36% said that there was no smell at all
  • 48% stated that there was
  • 16% claimed it was strong and objectionable

78% of buyers that noticed the 'new bed smell' also stated that the scent vanished within 1 week. ~ FAQ List

How Long Will the signature sleep Memoir Bed Last? 

Expect the lifespan to be 6 to 7 years. Those who are heavier are more likely to complain of sagging within the first year. ~ FAQ List

How about Motion Transfer?

Almost none. You won't wake up your sleeping partner when you turn over. And if you have a large dog he'll have a harder time waking you up if he's accustomed to bouncing on the bed in the morning. You might have to actually set an alarm! ~ FAQ List

Does it Have Edge Support?

No specific structures. But no problems either. Buyers agree that you can easily sit on the side of this Signature Sleep bed and put on your shoes without worrying that you'll end up on the floor. This bed doesn't have any specific structures to shore up the edges. But since medium firm to hard it seems to hold its corners better too.  ~ FAQ List

How are the Layers Structured?

Cover: Knitted zip cover 

Top Layer: 3.5 inch top layer of ILD9/4 pound memory foam ( link over to "Memory Foam - The Truth is Full of Holes" for a good explanation of ILD about half way down the page).

Bottom Layer: 8.5 inch high density foam ~ FAQ List

How Big is the Mattress? Will it Fit in My Room?

This bed comes in most of the standard sizes; twin, full, queen and king.

You'll need at least an 18 inch space around the sides and foot of the bed. That way you'll have room to walk around to put on sheets and maneuver in the dark without bumping into something. ~ FAQ List

Will You Need a Box Spring or Foundation?

Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats - check here for reviews and best sale prices

This memory foam bed needs firm, even support across the entire bottom surface if it is not to sag or wear excessively. In fact you can void the warranty by not supporting it adequately.

You can use any base that has slats very close together like the Zinus upholstered platform bed.  The slats allow the bottom to breathe while providing good support. Waterbed supports work well also. Or just use a metal bed frame and put a sheet of 1 inch plywood under the mattress. 

Box springs are not necessary.

If you're on a tight budget, don't bother with a foundation at all. Just place the mattress on the floor. ~ FAQ List

Does it Need an Extra foam Pad or Cover?

Sleep Tite mattress cover - waterproof & hypoallergenic - click for reviews and best sale prices

Most people do not get an extra foam pad or topper for this bed.

However, getting a waterproof mattress cover is a smart thing to do. The knitted cover has a zipper and can be removed. However, it will not protect against spills or soils. Liquid in foam beds are a major problem. They sometimes mold and almost always end up smelling bad.

The newer ones protective coverings do not keep you awake with crunchy, crinkly noise. This one has a great track record and it's hypoallergenic too.

For Kid's Beds get 2 Covers! If the bed is to be for a child or if you have pets that sometimes share your space get two. When kids get a stomach upset or the flu sometimes the vomiting can go on all night. A pet will sometimes eject a hairball or pee then move over a couple of feet and go right to back to sleep again and repeat. 

Throw on the spare while you're washing the soiled one and don't worry about having to clean up a deeply soiled memory foam mattress.  ~ FAQ List

How Do I Care for the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress?

Unpacking - get some help from a friend or family member. The shipping weight  is 70.9 pounds. So don't give yourself a backache, share the load!

NOTE: They are packed with the top rolled on the inside.

Open the vacuum packed bed on top of the frame that you'll be using to support it. Once freed from the shipping materials it will expand quickly. And if you thought that handling 68 pounds of compressed, rolled up mattress was a challenge you really don't want to think about lifting and moving this expanded, awkward monster by yourself. 

Wait at least 48 hours before you use it. That gives the bed time to air out and the foam cells expand to their full size. 

Rotate head to foot at least twice a year to even out the wear.

Keep it dry and clean! It's the best way to avoid panic and worry when the inevitable liquid spill or accident occurs.

If you do need do an emergency clean-up I've created a couple pages on how to clean a mattress. All the instructions that you'll need are there.  ~ FAQ List

What Kind of Warranty Comes With This Bed?

Doral Industries offers a 1 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

This is far below the 10 and 20 year ones offered by some of the other discounted priced manufacturers. And most importantly it does not cover "Comfort Preference". In other words, if it's too soft, too hard, etc it is not covered under the warranty.

So make up your mind within 30 days if you're an Amazon buyer to take advantage of their 30 day money back returns policy. Walmart's offer is 90 days. ~ FAQ List

Should you buy the 12 inch or 8 inch?

If this is a bed for a child or slender adult, the 8 inch will work well.

Buy the 12" one if you're older, taller or are carrying a few extra pounds.

Your choice will depend upon your bed frame also. Some bases have side slats that a mattress would need to clear by several inches. You also have to watch the gaps in between your headboard and the supporting frame. That space is 6 or 8 inches in some cases. Measure yours before you make a decision on how thick you want your mattress to be.  ~ FAQ List

How Much Does it Cost?

The price fluctuates between $300 and $350. Check for the latest sale prices and reviews for the Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress.  ~ FAQ List

Signature Sleep Memoir

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