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Using sleep hypnosis as a strategy for beating insomnia wasn't something that I thought about until 2012. I'd never needed the skill of using a state of trance to rest at night. But suddenly my life was so stressful that I literally couldn't fall asleep, even though I was exhausted when I went to bed.

After about 3 months of this I realized that I needed a better strategy for maintaining sleep (and my sanity). Pharmaceuticals were out of the question, I didn't have the money. Besides, I really didn't like all the side effects that were written on the bottles' fine print.

So I went looking on the internet for more natural alternatives and was intrigued by the potential of hypnosis. I reached out to Glenn Harrold, Fellow of The British School of Clinical Hypnosis. He's also a best-selling author of numerous books, cds, and audio downloads of guided meditations that allow you to benefit from his advice and relaxing suggestions without having to worry about fitting an appointment into his busy schedule. He was kind enough to answer some of my questions. I hope they help you too.

Glenn, what is your background and how did you become interested in hypnosis?

hypnotherapist,glenn harrold I used to play guitar in a covers duo on the pub and cabaret circuit. We would occasionally share the bill with stage hypnotists, and watching some of these shows from backstage sparked my interest.

However, I decided I wanted to learn hypnosis to help and heal rather than entertain. I did a two year diploma in clinical hypnotherapy in the early nineties and have never looked back!

How does sleep hypnosis work on the brain to promote more restful slumber?

When we sleep, our brain waves slow down and nerve cells in our brain synchronize their electrical activity. It's an evolving process and we go through various cycles of light and deep sleep throughout the night.

Hypnosis is a similar experience. When you go to bed at night and you drift from consciousness to unconsciousness it feels natural, but as you drift asleep your brain waves are actually slowing. When you go into a hypnotic trance exactly the same thing happens. So by using this technique you are creating a state that is conducive to sleep

How does it compare to other sleep aids?

Hypnosis works when a person's mind is focused. It is that simple.

When people focus their mind, they experience hypnosis. It is completely natural, completely safe and a great way to induce slumber at night. Most other methods, particularly pharmaceutical sleep aids, come with unwanted side affects.

Does it work if someone has sleep anxiety problems?

With most types of anxiety hypnotherapy works well in getting to the root cause and making changes at a core level. Almost all fears, anxieties and phobias are learnt through experience.

Under hypnosis they can be unlearned and replaced with a new positive pattern of behaviour. Once the root cause issue has been dealt with, then hypnosis will work well in regaining good sleep patterns.

Can hypnosis help treat sleep disorders in children?

Hypnotherapy sessions for both adults and children can be very effective in overcoming sleep disorders. Children are very good at accepting hypnotic suggestions because they don't analyse in the same way adults do. I have A Children's Confidence CD , which is very popular and great for helping kids sleep at night.

Is hypnotherapy effective for treating sleep apnea?

You are more at risk of apnea if you are overweight. In these cases I would work on the underlying factors and help the person improve their health. Hypnotic therapy is very effective in helping people lose weight and become fit and healthy.

If you'd like to know more about how you can use self-hypnosis to fall asleep and improve your state of mind take a look at some of Glenn's excellent tutorials and guides found found on this interview page. Also check out his website and Facebook page. I'd like to thank Glenn for sharing his knowledge of sleep hypnosis here on

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