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Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh memory foam mattress - more reviews and sales prices

Will a Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh memory foam mattress become your best sleeping buddy? Or is it too firm, hot, stinky or just not durable enough to be worth buying? Yes, I know it's one of the most popular beds on Amazon, but will it be good for YOU?

I read all 2,931 of the Amazon buyer reviews about this bed (yes, kinda insane). And I've summarized just the most important factors for you here. You'll also find a few useful recommendations. That way you don't have to wade through hundreds of low information "so comfy" remarks to find out if this bed is the one for you. 

Answers for the 12-inch sleep innovations bed questions you're asking now

Review summary/recommendations for The Shiloh foam Bed

72% of all buyers reviews gave it the highest possible ranking. The exact figure was a total of 2,110 out of 2,931. Of those giving it the best ratings, 27.8% of the comments were about how great a deal these mattresses are. 

This is a FIRM bed. 28.5% of those that really liked this one mentioned the firmness in their reviews. Stomach dreamers and side sleepers with shoulder problems and budget constraints might want to link over to the Sleep Innovations 10-inch bed. It has a half an inch more memory foam which increases the plushness factor for many people.

This bed's cover is removable...BUT it is there to keep the mattress together and taking it off and washing it can void the warranty. Get a good waterproof mattress protector and don't worry about stains and wet accidents.  ~ FAQ List

What do buyers Complain about?

143 buyers (or 6% of purchasers) gave the Shiloh the worst rating they could. Those giving 1 star ratings comments had the following percentages:

  • Too hard - especially for side and stomach sleepers (49% of negative comments)  
  • The bed lost supportiveness within 1 year (22%) 
  • It was too hot to sleep in (15%)
  • It didn't expand properly (3%)  

Recommendations: If you don't like a very firm mattress then this is NOT the bed for you. Sleep on it for a week then evaluate. Some people say that they seem to get accustomed to the feel over time.

This is a bed that people often add a topper to and are very happy with the money that they've spent.  This often happens where one of a couple really likes the hardness and the other one prefers a bit more of a plush feel. 

At any rate, if you aren't comfortable after 2 weeks do not hesitate to return it! Memory foam mattresses are a bit more uneven in quality than spring beds. Many factors during manufacturing can alter the way the foam sets. And some are just lemons. When in doubt, take action and return them.  ~ to FAQ List

What's the firmness?

Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh layers

The Sleep Innovations 12 inch mattress is firm. If you like your bed a bit harder but still conforming, you may be happy with this.

Of those that mentioned the firmness or softness in their comments:

  • 79% said very firm or firm
  • 11% said firm but that the bed conformed to their shape nicely
  • 2.5% said that it was a medium hard bed
  • Less than 2% said that it was a soft bed

The manufacturer says that it is a Medium feel mattress. But almost no one agrees. If you want a softer memory foam bed under $500 try their 10 inch one~ Back to FAQ List

Does this memory foam bed sleep hot?

Memory foam bed manufacturers are getting much better at preventing this. 15 years ago hot and sweaty were almost synonymous with memory foam. But that's not the case anymore.

In fact heat retention was most often mentioned in the negative. As in, "This bed wasn't warm at all!" Otherwise it wasn't a issue for most people:

  • 81% didn't think it was any warmer than their old bed 
  • 14% said this mattress was a bit hotter
  • 7% said that the bed was significantly warmer

Overheating on this mattress is probably not going to be a problem for you unless you tend to sleep hot or you're going through menopause.  ~ FAQ List

Is this bed a stinker?

Many people notice some odors when they're unpacking memory foam mattresses. Some people attribute the odor just to the plastic that wraps the bed for shipping. 

About a third of buyers mentioned odors in this 12 inch mattress, and most did it just to report results. Of those that mentioned particular smells: 

  • 32% said that there was no smell at all
  • 44% some smell
  • 12% claimed it was strong and objectionable

89% of buyers who said that there was a definite smell also said that the smell was gone in 1 week. ~ FAQ List

Will you fall off the Edge of the Sleep Innovations shiloh 12 inch memory foam mattress?

No. This mattress is firmer and most people do not have problems with the edges letting them down. In fact it was so much of a non-issue that it was difficult to find anyone talking about it at all. Even among people who said that they needed to lose weight.  ~ FAQ List

How Long Will this mattress Last? 

As is typical with memory foam mattresses, this one should last seven to 10 years. Yes, I know that's less than the warranty (see below), but that's typical for most of the inexpensive memory foam mattresses. They typically will develop slight indentations where you sleep most often. Usually these will be less than one inch. 

However, 1.8% of buyers complain that this bed develops dents, significant 'body shadows' or sags within a year. So if you have any concerns about this mattress not being supportive enough for you during the first 20-25 days I suggest that you return it.   ~ to FAQ List

Is it a good warranty?

Sleep Innovations has a 20 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This time frame is nothing unusual. One thing to keep in mind, only indentations or 'sagging' at least 1½ inches deep are considered to be defects.

More importantly, the warranty doesn't cover "comfort preferences". In other words, if you try it and it is too firm for your tastes it will not be covered under the Sleep Innovations warranty. That's one excellent reason to purchase your bed through Amazon. If it's not feeling right you can return it — if you make up your mind in less than 30 days! ~ FAQ List

How Much Does it Cost?

These beds are most commonly priced near $450. There are usually mattress sales around banking/government holidays like Labor Day, Presidents Day,and the Fourth of July. You'll also find good deals during May and especially Memorial Day.

Around these holidays you can sometimes catch them as low as $390. Find the latest sale prices and reviews for the Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch

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