How Sleep Innovations Bankruptcy Improved Novaform Mattresses

Why Sleep Innovations memory foam mattresses, pillows and toppers are rated better since 2009. And new reviews to help you choose.

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The bankruptcy could have been a disaster for buyers of bargain memory foam beds, pillows and toppers. The manufacturer of the inexpensive Novaform mattress sold by Costco could have opted for cheaper materials and processes to bring themselves back into profitability. Instead they chose to improve their products while keeping the same low prices. And that's great for people who love to sleep but don't want to worry about how they're going to pay for it.

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This sleep company was one of the first discount memory foam online retailers and their business expanded with the housing 2000-2006 housing boom. But competitors like Tempurpedic, Sleep Science and Sleep Number beds, were grabbing market share. And Sleep Innovations products had a reputation for uneven quality and common memory foam mattress problems. So when the housing market went bust, so did their business.

In October 2008 they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In February 2009 the company submitted a Plan for Reorganization. They rebuilt, retooled and renewed their product line. And now many of their products are very highly rated by buyers because they've fixed many of the problems that existed prior to 2009.

The New Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Features

This is one of only two companies that manufacture memory foam in the United States (the other one is Temperpedic). And since 2009 they've made big strides in producing more comfortable, longer lasting memory foam toppers, beds and pillows that meet strict US standards for safety and environmental soundness.

Their memory foam is now has an open cell structure which is more comfortable to sleep on than the old closed cell visco elastic formulations. Open cells:

  • Allow more air to flow
  • Dissipate more heat faster
  • Wick moisture away from your body better
  • And softens more quickly when your body temperature warms the foam

These features mean that fewer and less pressure points develop while sleeping and you're much less likely to wake up in a sweat. You'll sleep better, for longer. And wake up feeling like the world had better watch out for you!

New, Healthier Memory Foam

Their new manufacturing techniques ensure that there's less 'new memory foam' odor when you open up the package. And what there is will disappear quickly.

The company states that their memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows are free of known toxins and environmental contaminants. And they also state that there's no formaldehyde, PBDEs or CFCs.

What Does Their Warranty Cover?

Most of their products come with a 20 year warranty on the foam and fabric materials. It covers manufacturer's workmanship defects. But it doesn't cover opening up the box, expanding it, sleeping on it and then discovering that sleeping on memory foam is not for you. The Maniac suggests that you test memory foam at a local bed store before you buy any visco foam mattress.

The Novaform Pure Comfort mattresses and gel beds and toppers have the additional Costco guarantee. They'll refund your money if you are dissatisfied. Check with your warehouse manager if you have any further questions.

Sleep Innovations Has a Friendlier Call Center

Have questions? Don't hesitate to call their US based consumer call center. They're friendly. The Maniac knows. She's talked to them. They speak American English. And they're in a lot better mood than they would be if they were answering your questions at an overseas call center at 2:30 in the morning local time!

Phone them at 1-888-999-0499 from Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time. All after hours messages are answered within 48 hours. Or you can email them at

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