& Novaform beds TOO CHEAP TO BE GOOD?

Sleep Innovations mattress questions are confusing this kitten.

Purchasing a Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress, pillows and toppers can save you a whopping 70% off Tempurpedic. But how will you sleep? How do they compare to Tempurpedic? And which of their 6 different beds should you choose? 

Click on these links to go to the Shiloh, Shea, Taylor, Alden, Marley and Skylar reviews or on their images below. Click here to go to the Novaform reviews.

Shiloh 12 inch memory foam mattress review
Shea 10 inch memory foam mattress review
Taylor 12 inch gel memory foam mattress review
Alden 14 inch memory foam bed review
Marley 10 inch gel foam mattress review
Skylar 12 inch gel foam mattress review

Now I know that you don't have all day.  So we'll confine this article to just beds, not Sleep Innovation's other sleep accessories which you can find on this website's sidebar. And I'll keep these reviews simple and only cover the most important factors for each to help you make up your mind fast:

  • Firmness (on a scale from squishy=1 to granite slab=10)
  • Which sleep positions is it best for?
  • Best for light athletic sleepers or heavier, more rounded ones?
  • Good for children?
  • Can you easily sit up in bed to read or watch TV?
  • Does it sleep hot?
  • Any smells or odors?

Then at the end of this article you'll find information that applies to all of these beds. Things like:

Simple. Easy. So you can get some good cheap sleep quickly.

A NOTE ABOUT PRICES: Online mattress prices change often, seemingly at random. Obvious factors are seasonal demand and material costs. However, the pricing algorithm could also be counting quantum butterfly wing flaps in a Brazilian rain forest. No one seems to know. So check today's price out for yourself and don't rely on historical values.

(Buying from links on this website sometimes adds a bit of cash to my lumpy mattress fund. It doesn't cost you more. And helps me spread sweet dreams everywhere.)

How do Sleep Innovations beds compare to Tempurpedic mattresses?

  • Cost: You'll pay at least 3 times as much for a Tempurpedic
  • Durability: Tempurpedic owners keep their beds an average of 8 years. Sleep Innovations owners only 6
  • Washable Cover? Many Tempurpedic models have removable covers for cleaning. Sleep Innovations does not. The Maniac suggests you select a good mattress protector at the same time you get your bed.
  • Set-Up Assistance? Tempurpedic retailers will come to your home and set your bed up for you. And in many cases they will take away your old mattress for you also. This is not available with SI purchases. But you will need help. That boxed bed is HEAVY. Consider bribing a friend to help you with promises of pizza and beer afterwards.

Where do you buy Sleep Innovations and the Novaform mattress line? Sleep Innovations is mostly available on Amazon. Novaform can be purchased at Costco.

shiloh Mattress

The Shiloh is Sleep Innovations' 12 inch Suretemp memory foam mattress.

Low Cost: Since 2016 the posted price has bounced between $325 and $500. But there was a time in Sept 2017 when the cost temporarily jumped to almost $720. So do me a favor and check today's cost, ok?

Is it a firm, medium or soft bed?

8 or 9 out of 10: The Sleep Innovations company says that the Shiloh is for the   "Average to bigger body". With only 2.5 inches of comfort layer over the support foam it will be very firm.

About 12% of reviewers mentioned that they purchased a topper to soften this bed a bit.


  • Top Layer has 2.5 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density memory foam
  • Bottom support layer is 9.5 inches which is 1.8 lbs/sqft dense foam.

are YOUR BODY SHAPE AND favorite SLEEP POSITIONS compatible?

Weight: Best if you're in the 200 pounds and up range.

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = Best if you're middle weight. Between 150 and 250lbs.
  • Side sleepers = Definitely not for people under 150 pounds
  • Stomach sleepers = Provides a firm support for everyone. Keeps your back straight. 

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Does not sink or transfer motion. Read "War and Peace", you won't wake your bed partner.

Children? Definitely not. Too firm.

are overheating or smells a problem with shiloh?

Overheating? Out of 311 reviews that mention heat, only 17% say that this Sleep Innovations mattress sleeps noticeably warmer than their previous bed. For about half of them getting a mattress cover or a topper took care of the problem.

Odors? This has been an Amazon's Choice mattress for a while now. So there's many reviews (651) that mention how it smells. The good news is...not much! It was a major cause of those who posted the worst reviews (6 out of 14) and returned the bed. Overall that's about 0.5% of the people who've posted about this bed.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

shea Mattress

The Shea bed is Sleep Innovations' 10 inch Suretemp memory foam mattress. 

Lower priced: Since 2016 the asking prices have varied between $300 and $500. But online mattress prices can change by the day. So check them out for yourself.

Is it Firm?

6 or 7 out of 10: Sleep Innovations marketing department tends to rate their mattresses a bit softer than their buyers do in their comments. Assume that their "medium feel" feel is more firm than that.


  • Top Layer has 3 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density memory foam
  • No middle layer
  • Bottom support layer is made of seven inches of 1.8 pounds/sqft dense foam


Weight: Good if you're of average build

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = Good for all weights
  • Side sleepers = If you're over 150 pounds
  • Stomach sleepers = Best for those over 150lbs

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Yes to both. Motion isolation from your bed partners is good also.

Children? Ok if they sleep on their backs or stomachs. But can be difficult if they're side sleepers.  

hot or smelly?

Overheating? An overwhelming number of people did not think that this bed sleeps 'hot'. Of the 1,108 posts that I checked only 91 mentioned it. And of those that did:

60 said that it was not noticeable

22 stated that it was warmer but bearable. (1.9% of total sample) In this group were those that altered the bed with either a mattress protector or a gel topper and now had no problems.

9 felt that the heat problem was unbearable (0.8% of total sample)

Odors? This was not a problem for most people. Only 156 of the 1,108 comments that I checked mentioned smell at all. Of those that did talk about it:

  • 50 said that they did not notice any odor at all
  • 79 said that it went away within a week (7.1% of total sample)
  • 15 stated that the chemical odors took more than a week to dissipate (1.3% of total)
  • 8 said that it was strong and never went away (0.7% of all comments)

Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress with Quilted Cover

Taylor Mattress

The Taylor bed is Sleep Innovations' 12 inch cooling gel memory foam mattress.

Inexpensive: Since 2014 the posted price has ranged from $350 to $600. This bed is primarily sold on Amazon, so prices change frequently. Historically, since 2014, prices have been at their lowest in June or July.

Is it firm enough for you?

8 out of 10: Sleep Innovations says this bed is "medium-firm" and says that it has "our most enhanced support." Translation? This is a FIRM mattress.


  • Top Layer has 2 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density gel memory foam
  • Middle layer has 2 inches of egg-crate or "air channel foam".
  • Bottom support layer is 8 inches and consists of very stiff 1.8 lbs/sqft density foam.

Comfortable with YOUR BODY shape AND SLEEP positions?

Weight: Best for people over 250 pounds. Don't buy this if you're under 150lbs.

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = best for those over 150 pounds
  • Side sleepers = best for over 250lbs. People under 150 may find it too firm.
  • Stomach sleepers = best for sleepers over 150 pounds

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Excellent motion isolation. And it's firm enough that most of you won't sink in too much sitting up in bed.

Children? Not for the kiddies. This one's priced right, but will be too stiff for them to sleep on comfortably.

hot or smelly?

Overheating? 33 buyer comments mentioned heat. Of these, 20 said that they didn't notice any extra warmth. 11 posted that the mattress retained some heat but that it was either welcomed in colder climates or was manageable with mattress covers or a topper. Only 2 said that this bed retained so much heat that they had to return the bed.

Odors? Only 78 reviews (out of 561) that I found mentioned whether the Taylor mattress had a strong chemical smell. Of those, most said that there was a slight whiff that dissipated within 5 days. Only 4 of them found it objectionable and 2 returned the bed because of it.

Sleep Innovations Taylor 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Alden Mattress

The Alden bed is Sleep Innovations' 14 inch Suretemp memory foam mattress.

This a mid-priced bed: Since 2014 the posted price has ranged from $500 to $1,000. 

Will it be firm enough?

6 or 7 out of 10: The Sleep Innovations company tends to underestimate the firmness of their beds. So when they say that the Alden provides "medium-soft" feel (4 or 5 out of 10), assume that it's a bit stiffer than that. 


  • Top Layer has 2.5 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density SureTemp Memory Foam
  • Middle layer has 2.5 inches of "egg-crate" style foam.
  • Bottom support layer is 9 inches is stiffer and has a density of 1.8 pounds/sqft. 

Will this work with your body type & sleep style?

Weight: This bed is best if you are heavier. If you're a smaller person with a light build, you may find this one too hard and unyielding for you. Generally, a foam mattress over 12 inches deep will be more comfortable for those with a more rounded physique. Simply because those people will exert more pressure on the bed and the mattress will conform better for them.

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = good for everyone
  • Side sleepers = good if you're over 150 pounds
  • Stomach sleepers = good if you're under 250 pounds

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Excellent. You won't sink into a hole while sitting up. And you won't be transferring motion to someone else who might be trying to rest while you're awake.

Children? This mattress may be too firm for them, especially if they sleep on their sides. They don't have the weight to make the bed conform to their contours.

Is it a hot or smelly mess?

Overheating? Few people complained about this in the Sleep Innovations Alden bed. Less than 16% of those that mentioned heat in their reviews thought it was a problem. And most viewed it as a plus, especially in colder climates. Many did mention that you had to give the bed time to warm a bit so that the memory foam would cradle you effectively.

Odors? Minimal. Most people said that there was a slight odor for a day, but that it was gone in a week. Only 35% of all the comments that I could find mentioned odors at all. And of those, very few (only 1.4% of all the comments that I read) thought that it was bad enough to consider returning the bed. 

Sleep Innovations Alden 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

marley Mattress

The Marley bed is their 10 inch gel memory foam model.

Cost: Prices have fluctuated between $300 and $500 since 2015.

NOTES: I was only able to find 98 buyer reviews to read for this article. Since there wasn't enough data to properly evaluate whether it was best for one body type or sleep position I generalized from the data that I found on the Sleep Innovations Taylor bed. That one is the most like the Marley 10 inch Sleep Innovations bed in construction details and materials. 

There were also 11 people who mentioned that this bed did not expand fully. This could also account for more people choosing the Taylor bed.

This bed was mentioned by Consumer Reports as being a good value for the price. 

Too firm?

8 out of 10: Sleep Innovations markets the Marley as "medium- firm". But most buyers seem to feel that it's very firm. It is closest in construction to their Taylor bed. Out of 40 comments that mentioned how hard these beds were, 18 said that they were medium-firm or medium. 22 said that it was definitely a very firm or hard mattress.

5 of those who said that it was very firm also mentioned that they bought a topper to make it a bit softer. Once they did that they were very happy with it.


  • Top Layer has a cooling comfort layer of 2 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density gel memory foam
  • Middle layer has 2 inches of egg-crate "air channel" foam
  • Bottom support layer is 6 inches of 1.8 pounds/square foot dense foam.

does it work with YOUR BODY SHAPE AND SLEEP style?

Weight: Best for people over 225 pounds. Don't buy this if you're under 150lbs.

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = those over 150 pounds will like it best
  • Side sleepers = If you're over 250lbs try it. Under 150 maybe try Shea instead. 
  • Stomach sleepers best for sleepers over 150 pounds

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Excellent. Because it's a firm bed you won't sink in too much. 

Children? May be too firm for most kids. But 2 commentators said that their youngsters were sleeping on this bed and liked it.

hot or smelly?

Overheating? Out of the 15 posts that mentioned mattress temperature,  10 of them said that they didn't notice any additional warmth at all. 2 said that the mattress did retain body heat, but that it was manageable with a topper or mattress cover. 3 said that it was a very hot bed and in addition to the very firm feel decided to return the bed.

Odors? Out of the 15 posts that mentioned smells, 13 of them said that they didn't notice any odors at all. 2 said that there was a noticeable odor that went away within a week.

Sleep Innovations Marley 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Skylar Mattress

The Skylar bed is the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is a mid-priced bed: Since 2016 the cost has ranged from $500 to $600. So it is one of their mid-priced models.

NOTE: I could only find 84 comments posted about this bed at the time that I wrote this. So I had to draw my conclusions from very limited data. I intend to update this section when there's more feedback.


7.5 to 8 out of 10: This bed has slightly more 'give' than the extra-firm Taylor. It also typically costs about $120 more. That might account for it being much less popular despite it having a similar feel.


  • Top Layer has 2.5 inches of 3 lbs/sqft density cooling gel memory foam
  • Middle layer has 2.5 inches of egg-crate style "air channel foam"
  • Bottom support layer is 7 inches deep with 1.8 pounds/sqft density 

Will it fit Your Body type and sleep style?

Weight: This is not the bed for you if you have a smaller build. You'll find it way too firm. Don't consider this bed unless you're over 200 pounds.

Sleep Position:

  • Back sleepers = best for those over 150 pounds
  • Side sleepers = best if you're over 225 pounds
  • Stomach sleepers = best for those over 150 pounds

Read or Watch TV in Bed? Good motion isolation. You'll sink in a bit further while sitting up than you would with the Taylor. But overall good for bedtime reading.

Children? Too hard for kids. Try the Alden instead.

Too hot and sweaty or stinky?

Overheating? Not a problem for most people. Only 15 out of 84 comments mentioned the mattress retaining body heat. Of these 12 said that it was either not noticeable or so slight that they could easily live with it. 2 said that the warmth was manageable with a mattress cover or topper. Only 1 out of 84 said that the retained heat was overwhelming and that they were returning the mattress because of it.

Odor? Most buyers did not notice any odors at all. Only 10 out of the 84 total mentioned it at all. 8 of those didn't notice any or the smell went away within a week.  Most of these people mentioned it because they felt obligated to include it in their review because everyone asks about it. The 2 remaining said that the odor went away within a month or they got used to it.

Sleep Innovations Skylar 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

frequently asked questions about sleep innovations beds

How long do these vacuum packed beds take to expand? If you're in a hurry you can sleep on them within 2 to 3 hours in a warm room. But it is best if you give them 24 to 48 hours. This is especially true during the winter if the bed had to sit outdoors in the cold after delivery.

How do they hold up over time? Sleep Innovations mattress models average lifespan is about 6 years. The numbers of buyers reporting sagging or too much softening within 3 years is close to the average for mattresses as a whole (13%).

Sleep Innovations offers a 20 year warranty. But don't let that persuade you that these mattresses are more durable than average. 

Can you flip them over for even wear?  No. All of the beds made by Sleep Innovations are constructed with only one sleeping side. You can't just turn them over and sleep on the bottom side. However they recommend rotating your bed every 6 months from head to foot. This spreads out the area on which you sleep. It can postpone the day when the inevitable 'body shadow' becomes too deep and disrupts your sleep. 

Do you need to use a box spring? No. But you can if you wish.

But your new foam mattress needs great support or it will sag. If it develops a dip because you didn't use the right bed frame, it can void your warranty. The foam also needs a certain amount of ventilation at the bottom to keep it from sleeping 'hot'. So don't put it on the floor.

Can you get these beds shipped internationally or using APO (Army)? No. These beds can only be delivered within the continental US and Canada.

Can you get a Sleep Innovations mattress cover replacement? No. And they are not removable for cleaning. Get a good quality mattress protector before you regret not having one. The new ones don't wake you with crunching noises every time you turn over.

Here's how to clean a soiled mattress. If you're shopping for a new bed because you didn't have a good mattress protector you might be able to salvage it.

What's not covered by the warranty? Sleep Innovation's 20 year warranty says that the fabric cover and foam material used in their products will be free from material and workmanship defects. So what's not covered?

  • Mattresses that are located outside the continental US and Canada.
  • Products purchased at a third party or closeout sale. Amazon is an authorized dealer. 
  • Damage caused by removing or laundering the mattress cover. They say that you should spot clean only.
  • Normal wear on mattress. Body dents less than 2 inches deep.

If you buy a Sleep Innovations bed directly from them, call them at 1-888-999-0499 or e-mail at: You'll need to fill out a claim form and submit it with a copy of the original purchase receipt. The receipt must have a purchase date. Also provide your packing slip and all law tags.

For Amazon purchases visit their Online Return Center to request a return authorization from Sleep Innovations.

If the standard online return center process is not working for you, call 866-216-1072 and ask to talk to a “Large Items” person to get that beast returned.

Sleep Innovations

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