Are Sleep Innovations and Novaform Mattresses Too Cheap to Be Good?

Purchasing a Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress, topper or pillow can save you a whopping 60% off a Tempurpedic. But how will you sleep? The following ratings and comparative reviews will help you pick the best one for your situation. You will also discover which are the most popular and how each compares to the industry leader, Tempurpedic.

sleep Innovations mattress reviews

Remember that old saying, "You get what you pay for?" Well... the maker of the cheap Costco Novaform Pure Comfort Deluxe (and others), want you to forget that saying, and with good reason.

These manufacturers are out to prove that you can get a long lasting quality memory foam mattresses, topper or pillows without paying the premium price. And as you will see, they are succeeding.

TIP: Don't Trust Sleep Innovations Reviews - written before Feb 2009 If you read an old review from before 2009, you will end up paying more than is necessary for quality memory foam. This company is not the same one it was before 2008. It is way better. In addition, their products have improved also. But why?

They went broke. But it turned out to be a great thing for you.

Discover how the Sleep Innovations Chapter 11 Bankruptcy improved their memory foam products, their warranty, and also made their call center friendlier.

sleep innovations, memory foam mattress
Sleep Innovations
12-inch Memory Foam Mattress
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
More than three quarters of buyers gave it the highest rating possible, 5.0 out of 5.0.

This is one of the Maniac's picks for Best Mattresses under $500. Most purchasers agree that you wouldn't know you were sleeping on a 'cheap' memory foam bed unless you saw the sales receipt. These same folks would never pay the extra $1,500 difference in cost to buy the equivalent Tempurpedic bed.

The 12-inch high bed has 2.5 inches of breathable 3 pound density memory foam on top. It is very comfortable and does not trap your body heat nor make you sweat. Together with the 9.5" base foam layer it provides sleeping surface that has an ILD rating between 12 and 14. This range is one that most folks find very cushy but supportive for sleeping.

It also comes with the same knitted, non-removable mattress cover as the 10 inch bed.

TIP: Pick up a good quality waterproof mattress cover to keep your new bed free of stains and funky odors.

What Buyers Give A Thumb's Up to:

  • How comfortable it is for larger, taller people
  • Being able to sleep in one position without pain
  • A fainter than expected odor

Sometimes these Innovations beds go on sale. The Maniac has occasionally seen 25% off regular prices.

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sleep innovations 10, sleep innovations, memory foam mattress
Sleep Innovations
10-inch Memory Foam Mattresssleep innovations, memory foam mattress
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
It's very popular with buyers. Over 80% give it a perfect 5 out of 5.

For many folks, this 10" sleeper is a good substitute for the much more expensive Tempurpedic models. It is a bit more popular than the 12" Sleep Innovations model. There are several reasons I found for this:

First, the cost is about $50 less than the 12" high model
Second, this one has 3" of Sure-Temp memory foam instead of 2.5". The extra half inch of comfort provides a softer feel especially for taller or larger people. 
3rd: The bedding for 10" high beds is cheaper and easier to find

One drawback is that the knitted cover is fragile.

TIP: Buy a quality, waterproof, washable cover like the Malouf Mattress Protector to keep your bed fresh and clean. This generation of covers are not the ones that you hated when you were a child. These are very quiet and there are no crunchy plastic noises when you turn over!

Buyers Especially Liked:

  • It's surprisingly cool, allows air to flow, no sticky sleep
  • That their back pain often goes away
  • Unless you shove your nose in it, it has almost no 'new memory foam smell. And that goes away in a couple of days
  • Rediculously inexpensive!

Look for frequent sales on these best mattresses. You can often find price reductions up to 23% off of regular prices.

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Novaform mattresses at Costco

The Novaform mattress line sold at Costco has gone through some major changes since 2009. One thing that has not changed is how popular these inexpensive models are and the outstanding Costco return policy. If you find you don't like sleeping on it, they will take it back. Check with your warehouse manager for further details, because returns are at the Costco manager's discretion

Today there are two different types of Novaform bed. There's the older Novaform Pure Comfort brand and the newer style Novaform Gel.

Go directly to my page on Novaform memory foam mattress reviews to find more information on:

  • Novaform Pure Comfort
  • Novaform Pure Comfort Deluxe
  • Novaform Pure Comfort Grand
  • Novaform Gel

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So Are Sleep Innovations and Novaform Mattress Beds Too Cheap To Be Any Good?

Do buyers find that they regret not buying a Tempurpedic mattress instead?

No Way!

Ratings and reviews show that Sleep Innovations and/or the Novaform mattress are very popular with buyers. A large majority of folks who bought them consider these beds to be a very good value. They would recommend them to their friends. In conclusion, the old adage that "you get what you pay for" is still true. However now it is that with Sleep Innovations you end up getting a lot more.

Sleep Innovations

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