Top 7 Sleep Master Mattress Questions for Smart memory foam Buyers

Sleep Master Mattress - Ultima Memory Foam 10 Inch Reviews and Sales Prices

Will the Sleep Master Mattress Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch bed send you to dreamland? Or is it a too firm, smelly, sagging monster that will dump you off the edge if you try to sit down on it to put your shoes on?

Save yourself a lot of time. I've read all 3,521 Amazon buyer reviews (to date) and summarized their answers to the most commonly asked questions right here. So you can get a good night's rest sooner.

Seven ultima Sleep Master MATTRESS Questions, Plus A Couple of need-to-know Facts

Ultima  Sleep master Summary Review

72% of buyers (out of 3,521+ reviews) gave it the top rating. Comments like 'Wasn't expecting such high value for the price!' accounted for more than 24% of all reviews.

Back and side sleepers love it. Stomach sleepers might find it a bit too hard

This bed's cover is not removable. Get a good waterproof protector.

Parents thought that it was good for kids. But infants need a very firm mattress. Please wait until they're at least 2 years old, Ok?  ~ FAQ List

The biggest Complaints?

3% of buyers or 117 of all reviews gave it the lowest 1 star rating for these reasons:

  • Uncomfortably firm - especially for side and stomach sleepers (17% of comments)  
  • Too soft or not enough support for backs (17%) 
  • Odors were bad (15%)
  • Sagging before 1 year old (9.4%)  

Recommendation: If you have any doubts after 7 days and before 25 days return it. It's not going to get better. You might have gotten a bad one. Quality can vary a lot, even within the same model and batch.  ~ to FAQ List

What's the firmness of the Ultima master 10 inch bed?

This is a medium to firm mattress when you're sleeping on it overnight. There is a much softer initial feel to it due to the top 3 pound density memory foam layer.

Of those who commented on the firmness or softness of this bed:

  • Firm to very firm 25%
  • Firm but conforming 36%
  • Medium 21%
  • Soft 17%

The manufacturer's rep says that on a scale of 1 being the softest and 10 being hardest its about a 4. The 10 inch bed was designed to be best for people who favor being on their side/backs at night. ~ Back to FAQ List

Does an Ultima bed trap body heat?

This was not often mentioned by these buyers, so there were minimal complaints. Of those that did mention heat retention:

  • 45% said that they didn't notice any overheating 
  • 34% said it was slightly warmer than their old bed
  • 21% said that this was a significant issue

It may not be the best choice if you live in a perpetually warm climate like Florida or have occasional 'private summers' due to menopause.  ~ FAQ List

Does this Memory Foam bed Smell?

Most of the time visco beds have some initial odor, even if it's just upon opening up the packaging.  Only 9.5% of all buyers mentioned odors. Out of these: 

  • 47% said that there was no smell at all
  • 44% some smell
  • 10% claimed it was strong and objectionable

72% of buyers that noticed a 'foam smell' also stated that the odor was gone in 1 week. ~ FAQ List

Will you fall off the Edge??

Not an issue unless you're a bit heavier. Most buyers who commented on this (and there weren't enough for a decent percentage) said that napping close to the edge or sitting there to put on shoes was not a problem. But those who mentioned that they had a few pounds to lose said that it was a problem.  ~ FAQ List

How Long Will this Sleep Master mattress Last? 

It should last 7 to 10 years without significant sagging. But there's a 1.2% chance that your bed will be in that small group that fails within 1 year. If you have doubts about the bed not being supportive enough during the first 30 days, definitely return it.  ~ to FAQ List

Is it a good warranty?

Zinus is the manufacturer and offers a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This is fairly average for these companies. It includes the standard disclaimer about sagging. In other words there has to be an indentation of more than 1.5 inches for it to be considered a defect. See the warranty here.

The company is about average when responding to customers via email. But their online chat team, although very polite, could definitely use some more help. It took me 55 minutes of mostly waiting online to get them to send a copy of their warranty. ~ FAQ List

How Much Does it Cost?

Click the following Amazon link to check out the latest sale prices and reviews for the Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress.

Sleep Master Ultima

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