What Are Visco Foam Mattresses And Are They Worth The Extra Money?

Visco foam mattresses, memory foam and NASA memory foam are interchangeable terms for the same type of mattress.

These beds soften as they warm to body temperature. They're made of billions of microscopic open cells that spread your weight evenly across your body while you're sleeping.

Instead of pushing up against you like traditional inner spring mattresses, memory material softens and gives way under your body weight, adapting to your every contour. It eliminates pressure points that can disturb your sleep. These beds help to align the spine correctly and cushions your body so you wake up feeling refreshed.

For a mattress, this visco elastic material is layered over a firmer core to provide support. Memory foam is not only used in beds but also in pillows and mattress overlays.

The term visco is derived from the word viscosity which often pertains to a liquid which is thick and flows slowly, like honey. The inventor of NASA memory foam referred to his new material as "slow foam". It became known as visco elastic foam because it was slow to spring back to its original shape.


A memory foam mattress is a boon for people who have health and sleep problems that confine them to hospital beds. Since a visco elastic mattress offers gentle support to the body there is no hindrance to the circulation of blood at the pressure points which leads to bed sores in people who have to spend a long time in bed.

These beds help to relieve the aches and pains that you gain throughout the day. If you have annoying neck and back pains, a NASA bed will be particularly beneficial for you.

Headache sufferers find that memory beds may help to alleviate the pain. This is because they relieve the pressure on the back and the neck that you may experience sleeping on other types of beds. This not only reduces the intensity but also the frequency of headaches.


Visco elastic foam beds are available in various price ranges depending on the manufacturers and the size of the mattress. They typically will cost more than a standard inner spring mattress. But the Maniac thinks they're worth it.

Tempur-Pedic (sometimes called Tempurpedic mattresses) are the most expensive brand and a Twin XL from this company can cost you as much as $2200. There are many discount manufacturers who also sell memory foam mattresses. Energy-Max starts at just $799. You can also get a visco elastic bed in twin size from Pedic Solutions for a little under $400.

You can also get discount mattresses online

Who Makes The Best

In a 2009 Consumer Reports mattress survey of 17,000+ readers, Tempurpedic mattresses were rated as the most comfortable of all beds. Tempurpedic is by far the most famous and manufacturers of visco elastic foam mattresses with a longstanding record of quality.

Where can you buy Visco Foam Mattresses?

You can purchase visco elastic mattresses from your local department or bedding store. If you are looking for deep discount to the tune of 15% to 25%, you should look online. There are several websites that offer memory foam mattresses from reputable manufacturers at affordable prices and a discount on shipping and handling. Most offer a 30, 60 or even a 90 day comfort guarantee.

What this means is that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it for another a different brand of visco foam mattresses from the inventory.

So whether you call them visco foam mattresses, memory, or NASA beds, they're a durable, reliable, comfortable alternative to traditional inner spring mattresses. Try one out for yourself before you buy anything else.

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