Visco Memory Foam Mattress or Another Kind of Bed?
How to Choose

Here's the pros and cons of visco memory foam mattress beds. we'll compare mattress prices, support, comfort, durability and features with latex, airbeds, inner spring and more.

Comparing mattresses is complicated. It was hard enough when the only choices were between inner spring mattresses and hippie waterbeds. But now, evaluating all of the new technology like visco foam mattresses and various hybrid combinations of older mattress materials is enough to reduce the most determined shopper to a quivering, indecisive mess.

Don't fret sleepyhead, the Maniac is about to make it all simple. Before we do any comparisons, let's lay out the basics before you end up like this guy...

What's a visco memory foam mattress?
The technical name for memory foam is visco elastic polyurethane foam. It's also known as NASA foam.(LINK) Viscosity is how sticky or thick a liquid is. Elastic materials snap back when stretched. So visco elastic foam molds to your body and snaps back slowly.

What makes visco memory foam mattress support different from other beds?
A good visco foam mattress made of high density (link: memory-foam-density) foam softens with body contact. The further into the mattress the cooler and firmer the foam cells are. You literally sink into the mattress a bit. All other mattresses support you by pushing back with springs and things.

How firm is a memory foam bed?
Memory foam mattress firmness (or softness) is measured by "Indentation Load Deflection". Most memory foam beds fall in between an 8 being very soft and a 20 being very firm. There is no perfect ILD. Try them. See what you like.

What are the biggest memory foam mattress problems
Smells and 'sleeping hot'. Both of these problems used to be common and are now usually found in a cheap mattress. Most odors dissipate in a couple of days. And newer mattresses have breathable covers or specially engineered top layers to provide a cooler sleep experience.

What are the health benefits?
Memory foam spreads your weight evenly across your body. This almost eliminates painful pressure points that can wake you up. You sleep more deeply and longer, which helps your body function better its recommended for fibromyalgia and other health problems.

How long will it last?
A quality visco bed will last more than 15 years.

How much does a visco memory foam mattress cost?
You can get an inexpensive queen for a bit less than $500. And they go up to $3,000 and more. If $500 is too much for your budget, get an inexpensive inner spring mattress and a good mattress topper instead of the cheap mattress.

Which are the best visco memory foam mattress beds? Tempur-Pedic has a well-deserved reputation for quality, and a 2009 Consumer Reports mattress survey rated them the best overall. But there's many more, including some of the Maniac's picks for best mattresses and the newer gel mattress models.

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